Magnus Bergli Rasmussen

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 Magnus B. Rasmussen

Associate professor

University of South Eastern Norway

I am associate professor at University of South Eastern Norway.  Prior to this, I was a postdoc at University of Oslo and Senior Research Fellow at Institute for Social Research.

My research is concerned the development of social policy, political  institutions, parties and trade unions through extensive historical data collection.

My short-book "Reforming to Survive: The Bolshevik Origins of Social Policies" co-authored with Carl Henrik "Acemoglu" Knutsen is out with Cambridge University Press

My work is featured in journals such as World Politics, Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Comparative Politics, British Journal of Political Science, Politics and Society, Social Science History, Scandinavian Political Studies, and news outlets such as the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage Blog and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.

On the second of February 2021 I became father to Bernhard "Bernie" Bergli Stuvøy.