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Madison Security Solutions, established in 1991, offers comprehensive services to meet your personal & domestic investigative needs of all types. We specialize in state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and experienced investigators to obtain the most sensitive information competently and discretely. Asset Investigation, Analysis, Computer Usage Verification, Threat Assessment, Electronic Counter Measures, Forensic Cell Phone Or Computer Infidelity Polygraph Testing Process, Serving Surveillance of all types anywhere. Madison Security Solutions has a wealth of investigative resources including agents with backgrounds from the military, the police force, and federal agents to cover arrays of civil investigations. 

Madison Security Solutions specialize in surveillance, counter surveillance, and extremely sensitive investigations. These types of investigations are a tradecraft consisting of compiling unique skills that are honed as a result of multiple years of experience. We offer robust surveillance focused solutions to the following types of narrowly focused files: 

Infedility Investigations |  Spouse Surveillance |  Litigation Support & Intel |  Infedility Surveillance   |   Co Habitation Surveillance | 

Background Checks  | Social Media Surveillance | Child Custody Investigations | Due Deligence Investigations | Business Surveillance | 

Counter Surveillance | Child Support  Investigation | Fraud Investigation | Asset Search Investigation  | Electronic Counter Measures (Debugging) |

If you’re looking to avail surveillance service or other services from us, you need to know who you’re working with. At Madison Security Solutions, you can trust that only one associate, with our founders guidance will be the one handling your file directly. Our commitment to this one-on-one approach is central to the Madison Security Solutions and how we intentionally operate in stark contrast to most of the other firms. 

Madison Security Solutions works differently. Unless transparently discussed and mutually agreed upon with a client, we will not subcontract any aspect of our clientele's needs to another investigative firm or service provider.  


Each state has its own private investigator licensing requirements, regulations, and steps to complete before issuing a private investigator license to an individual or business entity. Consequently, most private investigators and investigations companies are just licensed in one state and claim they are the “biggest” and have “national coverage” when, really, they’re just using subcontracted or part-time licensed private investigators to perform work in the various other states that they are not licensed in. As the client, you may have no idea that the work you hired the local firm to perform in other states is possibly being done by an entity that has no relationship or loyalty to you.
Madison Security Solutions works differently. Unless transparently discussed and mutually agreed upon with a client, We will not subcontract any aspect of our clientele's needs to another investigative firm or service provider. 

Committed to Client SUCESS

At Madison Security Solutions, the success of our client's case is paramount. we understand the significant impact an investigation can have on the litigation process. As your reliable partner, we're dedicated to providing the support and direct accountability necessary to help your clients in their legal matters. You can count on us to deliver results that strengthen your case. As a client of Madison Security Solutions, you can expect personalized attention and exceptional service. we prioritizes the individual needs of each client, recognizing the significance of your cases and their impact on your lives. 

Throughout the investigation process, we will keep you informed, providing you with a seamless experience.

Specialized SURVEILLANCE services in NY, MA, NJ, & CT

Many investigative companies have names that end with misleading “Global”, “Group”, or “Nationwide” extensions. These companies claim that they do everything and that they do it everywhere. They want to cast a wide net to reel in clientele and appear that there is nothing that they aren’t capable of. If you hire a private investigations firm to handle all of these vastly different specialized fields, chances are, the work may be subcontracted out.

We serve a very niche clientele and their high-end needs. We have no interest in purporting to be a “specialist” and “expert” in services thatwe do not directly provide ourself.  We typically do not take on any other type of work outside of our listed services. However, if you feel that you have any other issue or type of file that you’d like our assistance with, feel free to contact us and we will discuss if we may be of service.


With years of experience in the field, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every investigation. As a seasoned investigator, we possess the skills and expertise necessary to handle a diverse array of civil matters. Trust that your case is in the direct hands of a skilled and experienced professional. Madison Security Solutions offers comprehensive surveillance services to support your needs. Whether you require surveillance  for crucial event, we're equipped to assist you. Rest assured that our discreet and professional surveillance techniques aim to safeguard our client's interests. 

An integral part of our unique value proposition is direct accountability. You’ll never have some low level manager or inexperienced field investigator employee providing you with excuses as to why an error was made on the surveillance that you requested. You’ll always deal with our highly trained investigators directly.


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