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Madison Security Solutions was established in 1991 by three retired U.S. Federal Special Agents. Most of our associates are from ex-federal agents, ex-military/police, state and local law enforcement agencies with no less than 20 years of investigative experience, with great references and extremely skilled associates. Madison Security Solutions is an elite and highly specialized boutique private investigation practice focused on cultivating a limited amount of strong client partnerships, and providing that select clientele with truly custom solutions and individualized attention. Our founders engages directly with our clients cases and intentionally have no lesser experienced "field investigators" that we utilize. We also never delegate your important matters out to other investigative subcontractors unless this has been transparently discussed and mutually agreed upon in advance.

Over a span of more than 20 years in both the private and public sectors, we have conducted hundreds of investigations on the behalf of national insurance carriers, top-tier law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, and high-net-worth individuals encompassing both criminal and civil related matters. We have been employed by investigative companies in the private sector with yearly revenues exceeding millions of dollars, saving them beyond price the value of the work we provided.

We have involved with public and private sector investigations in several states, including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts along with Wyoming and Colorado. These investigations (and related interviews and interrogations) have consisted of sensitive and intricate matters involving workers’ compensation and disability, a multitude of delicate internally focused matters, liability investigations, theft/fraud occurrences, domestic violence related situations, complex drug investigations and interviews, cultivation and usage of informants, and undercover work. We have also participated in countless court and administrative hearings pertaining to these investigations.

We founders have served active duty in the United States Federal Agents and USFA of Special Investigations roles. Along with graduating in class of the USFA Security Forces/Military Police Academy, our military roles consisted of the completion of multiple expert-led formal interrogation and investigative related courses. We have completed our active-duty time in the USFA with an honorable discharge.

Two of our founder have separate graduate degrees: a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration and a Master of Arts in History. One of our founder also possess a Litigation Paralegal Certificate and have also obtained the highly coveted investigative industry related Certified Fraud Examiner designation. We have earned the honor of becoming a board certified Professional Certified Investigator, obtained via an extremely rigorous and lengthy selection, testing, and review process. One of our founder also have completed Certified Forensic Interviewer designation, and also earning a separate certificate in Employee Relations and Investigations from Cornell University are both further achievements that we are proud of.

Our associates are highly experienced and educated in the investigative industry and we are extremely passionate about our work in private investigation. Our award-winning commitment to excellence and our expert associate has cultivated regional and national reputation that precedes us. This reputation is based entirely on our excellence and success. The firm’s aims  to help clients all across the three states of United States in maximizing their performance and achieving strategic objectives through human intelligence and analysis.  Due to the sensitive and discreet nature of the work, we do not disclose the indentity of our associates for the safety of our clients and us, however credentials and details can be considered upon request.

We are also licensed, insured, and bonded in all the three states that we operate in.


CT PI Permit #: A-29240575

NY PI Permit #: 11000222948

NJ PI Permit #: 9846673

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With a notable background as  federal agent, military, law enforcement and special operations, our founders  are a true expert in providing and conducting investigation services.  Some of our founders have two master's degrees along with several certificates in investigative services including being a Certified Fraud Examiner, a board certified Professional Certified Investigator, and a Certified Forensic Interviewer. One of our founde

r has also completed an Employee Relations and Investigations Certificate from Cornell University.