About Us

Lose weight and feel great!

The president of SmartBody Nutrition and Wellness, LLC is a Certified Nutrition Specialist named Madiha Ahmad. Madiha is passionate about nutrition because throughout her late high school and college years she battled with her weight. She tended to be on the heavy side up until her third year of college. Finally she decided that she needed to stop destroying her health and setting herself for future health problems and so she majored in Nutrition. She graduated from University of Florida with a BS in Nutrition/Dietetics as well as shedding 40 pounds by the time she graduated! And so the battle with her weight ended and ever since then she has remained 40 pounds lighter and not to mention much healthier. After college she got married and had 2 beautiful little girls. When she got pregnant with both children she gained about 50 pounds! However, after the babies she followed THE MAD DIET plan and lost those 50 pounds. She yearned to learn more about nutrition and good health so she completed a MS in Human Nutrition. She not only has vast knowledge in weight loss, but in overall nutrition and health.

SmartBody Nutrition and Wellness,LLC will provide you everything you need to know about losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. You will not only learn how to lose weight, but lead a healthier lifestyle.

We provide counseling on healthy eating. We will work with you patiently and diligently until you reach your goals. Our nutrition counseling is not only on weight loss, but we also deal with other food-related issues as well.

Our goal is to make you feel great about yourself inside and out!! Listen to your body and come on board with us to begin your journey into great health!