Looking to upgrade your RAM? Mac Repair Service Dallas specializes in all apple products and the related repairs. Bring in your MacBook to Mac Repair Service Dallas and get your RAM replaced or upgraded from apple certified technicians at a very reasonable rate.

Boost your Mac’s speed and prolong its useful life with easy RAM upgrades

Note – The only thing that additional RAM does is allow your computer to do more things at once, not actually make it faster. So if you normally have a few dozen windows open before you launch your video game, you‘ll see some speed improvement by upgrading, or you could just close a few apps

We do following Repairs on MacBooks :

MacBook Screen Replacement

MacBook LCD Replacement

MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

MacBook TrackPad Replacement

MacBook RAM Upgrade

MacBook Hard Drive Upgrade/Replacement

MacBook OS installation

MacBook Data Recovery

MacBook Power Issues Repair

MacBook Logic Board Replacement

MacBook Fan Repair



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Why Choose Us?

Apple Certified Professional Technicians

90 Days warranty on all repairs

Same day repair service available

We use OEM parts for all repairs and replacements

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

WE Repair all MacBook issues like MacBook Screen Replacement, MacBook LCD Replacement, MacBook HDD Replacement/Upgrade,MacBook Data Recovery ,MacBook RAM Upgrade, MacBook Fan repair, MacBook Power Supply Repair, MacBook Logic Board Repair. We use high quality manufacturer parts and all repairs are done by professional apple certified technicians. In Mac Repair Service Dallas, your device is in safe hands.

We at Mac Repair Service Dallas, do all kinds of repairs on MacBooks at a very reasonable price and the repairs are done by highly qualified apple certified techs.


1. How much does it cost to Repair an MacBook?

The Repair cost is dependent on the model and the size of your MacBook. The Later Retina models are more expensive to repair than the older non-retina models.

2. Is it Possible to upgrade RAM in my MacBook?

Yes. Older MacBooks come with upgradeable RAM and depending on the model and year of the MacBook Ram can be upgraded up-to 16 GB (Applies on the new 2017 models) only during purchase but cannot be upgraded afterwards.

3. My MacBook Makes beep sounds when I press the power button and doesn’t turn on, why?

This is a issue caused by RAM failure. Replacing the RAM should solve this issue in this case.

4. Do I get any warranty on my Repairs?

Of Course, At Mac Repair service, we provide 90 Days Warranty on any repair. However the warranty does not cover any Physical damage including water damage.

5. What is covered under my warranty?

All repairs to hardware faults that haven’t been caused by accidental damage or by cosmetic damage are covered by your warranty. You will be explained by the technician about the warranty when you pick up your device after repair.

6. What is not covered?

  • Accidental damage like liquid damage, smashed screens or damage caused by dropping the device
  • Cosmetic damage including things like scratches
  • Software issues

7. Can I bring in my own parts for repair?

Yes, if you bring in the right part, we can use that part for repair and we will only charge you the labor / installation cost.

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