Service was absolutely wonderful. Ian was very affordable and certainly knowledgeable about Apple products and devices. Will definitely take my MacBook back again for future services. I would really recommend to use this place.

I had what I thought was a severe Macbook Pro issue so I came across Ian via Google and I am so glad I contacted him. Ian took real good care of me. He was professional, friendly, polite, and had excellent communication. He was very knowledgeable and he also gave me great useful tips on how to prolong the life of my Macbook.

Thankfully it turns out the issue wasn't as bad as I anticipated and Ian went the extra mile to ensure my Macbook was back to how it was supposed to be. I highly recommend them, 10/10.

My experience at Mac Repair Service Dallas yesterday was outstanding! I had help from two smiling faces, RJ and Ian. They had no problem running the diagnostics on my Mac and helping replace the battery. Everything Ran smoothly and I had no issue being in and out in no time. I believe they deserve some recognition for the amazing customer service they provide not only for me but for every customer that came in to see them.

I love this place. I have been coming for years and my mom did before me. I always think the prices are fair and laptops are definitely fair.After searching through all the local Dallas computer repair businesses bad reviews I came across Mac Repair Service Dallas and loved all the reviews. Also had the highest rating. I called and he started working on my Mac almost immediately. I was able to watch what he was doing while he worked on my computer and he explained everything that was wrong with my computer. No, I didn't understand most of the computer language, but I did understand that it is fixed and that I no longer have a computer that freezes and/or shuts down on me. Also loved the fact that he has very reasonable flat fee's versus hourly rates. I will be recommending them to all of my family and friends.

I had a very bad issue with my Mac Pro, I couldn't even control my trackpad. I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new Mac. I was most afraid I was going to lose many years of family, friends and work event photos. He was not only able to save ALL my photos but my computer as well. Ian and his service saved me lots of money and memories that I was afraid were gone forever. He definitely exceeded our expectations. We are forever thankful for Mac Repair Service Dallas.

Ian delivered excellent service and was able to quickly repair my computer. Very professional and knowledgeable about both Apple and PC. I highly recommend him!

Most efficient computer service I have ever had. I gave Ian my list with attached examples of the problems I had encountered. He checked off each item explaining what caused the problem and what he did to fix it. All of this landed him in the number-one spot on my list of who to call for computer service. Thank you Ian!

Ian is proficient, polite, non-intimidating and responds to your questions w/o delivering BS. He can solve any computer problem quickly. He's worth a million $$$. I depend on him for all my pc needs. His expertise allows me to manage my businesses without having to become a computer expert. He is truly a life-saver and is always available within a reasonable time.

An example of Ian at his best. I called Ian early one morning, asked him if he had at least 15 minutes to stop by and check out my computer. He did, he took care of the issue and off he went.

The other times I have a schedule appointment, I step in the other room and he does his magic.

He's that Good of a Guy.

Ian is the one for your computer repair! He has been helping us for several years now with our personal and business computers and you won't find anyone better or more trustworthy. We have tried others before we found Ian and none of them even come close to Ian expertise!

My MacBook air crashed along with my the night before I had to take a final exam. The MacBook Air had all of my outlines and study guides I needed for the exam but they were able to care of it in an hour and recover all the files I needed. I would definitely recommend them to provide services.

Ian has solved technical issues for me more than once! He also recommended anti-virus software that has worked perfectly for the past 5 years....not one virus! Thanks, Ian!

When you're looking for someone to help you with your computer problems, you want someone who is trustworthy, has high integrity and knows how to get the job done. Look no further than Ian. He knows that his success is based on your overall happiness with his services.

My computer had a virus. I called Ian as the Google reviews raved about him ..The reviews were right on. .He knew exactly what was wrong as I described it over the phone. Told me a cost estimate and made an appointment, he was on time. It was exactly what he quoted me and it took the exact time he told me it would. Definitely knows his stuff.

I recommend him to anyone and everyone!!

I was really frustrated when I spilled the drink on my MacBook pro 2012. I took it to a couple of stores, and they told me that there was a corrosion on the board. Still with some hope, I happened to land on this store. FINALLY, JUST IN 2 DAYS, The repair guy, Ian, helped my MacBook fire up once again for a price far less than other stores had quoted me. I would recommend everyone to go to this location. THANK YOU Ian!!!

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. The store was packed with people. Yet we had no wait time. We were There to Get a new system and everything went smooth as we want .the staff was very helpful and taught me some new functions which i didn’t know.

After a poor experience at a previous repair store I felt like I was in real good hands. I came here because of the review and they were really experienced tech and the price was reasonable too. They fixed the touch disease on my Mac. I wish I would have came here first. Thanx guys.

I’ve gone there twice for two different MacBook Retina units. Both times they addressed my issue to my satisfaction, answered all my questions, and were super friendly to boot; even though on one of those times I was That Person, walking in 5 minutes before closing.

Highly recommend. I will come here instead of the Genius Bar every time.

Super nice and helpful, much more personable than a generic genius!

RJ did an incredible job on my MacBook Pro I was sure was destroyed. Not only was he able to recover the hard drive sage but he got the whole thing working better than new. He even followed up after everything to make sure it was still running smoothly. 5 stars no doubt.

My daughter's Macbook Pro from 2008 stopped working after spilling liquid and the Apple store wouldn't look at it because they said it was too old. Mac repair service in dallas handled it and now it works like new. Saved me from having to buy him an all new computer.

Dropped my 27' iMac off to have a solid state hard drive installed along with additional ram...they installed it in 1 day and the computer is rockstar fast again! Very pleased!!

My vintage iMac, running 10.6.8, began crashing randomly after several years of reliable operation. I run the old OS because I have several important PowerPC apps that require Rosetta and I am extremely reluctant to give them up. Other Mac service companies were not sympathetic and would only help if they upgraded the OS to a newer version. Mac Repair Service Dallas were very accommodating and, understanding my dilemma, worked diligently until the problem was resolved.

I would highly recommend Mac repair service dallas’s services as their technical expertise and personal commitment to their customers was certainly demonstrated in my case. My old Mac is happily solid again!

Fast, friendly and high-quality work to revive my aging MacBook. Reasonable service fee.

Excellent job by the team at Mac Repair Service Dallas. They fixed my wife's Macbook Pro after being told by Apple it was an $800 repair, they fixed it for 1/2 that. Fast, no nonsense service. Other repair shops in town wouldn't touch it.

The logic board on my MacBook pro laptop needed to be replaced. Through Mac Repair Service Dallas, I was able to get Apple to cover the new logic board and pay for the installation fee. I only had to pay for the diagnostics fee. I was very happy with the service provided by them. Rj and Ian were able to give me a good deal and I could not be happier.

Certified Mac technicians. Quality customer service. They notify you of your repairs before services are rendered. Quality job for what would've originally been an $900 dollar repair for $400.

I knew how to backup but they reminded me to do it. Writing this review because i dropped my laptop again and broke it. Thank god i will have access to all the data because i backed up after he told me to turn on my auto sync.

Spilled some Coke on my Macbook Pro. They were able to clean and repair parts for much cheaper than the Apple Store was quoting me. Very nice people.

My experience was absolutely WONDERFUL! They were professional, curitosy and quickly resolved my issue. The advice I received was beneficial and simple. Will absolutely use them again if I have any issues with my Mac products. Love this company!

You will not go wrong with Mac Repair Service dallas. I have used them before. Always professional and personable. You are treated with respect and they truly care about you. I will always use them.

My Macbook Retina's display was freezing up or sticking and after talking to Apple they told me it was a hardware problem. I took it to Mac Repair Service Dallas because they specialize in Macs and were said to have a long history.

I was very pleased with their service and friendliness. Thanks Ian!

I dropped the laptop off on a Monday and as it turns out they had to replace the motherboard and LCD display. They ordered the parts same day and they came the next morning -- and turned it around in 24 hours!!

Awesome! My kids spilt juice on my Mac Book Pro. I took it back to Apple only to be told that it would cost a minimum of 750.00 to repair. Ouch!!! Long story short, Mac Repair Service Dallas repaired my Mac for less than 200.00 and it is as good as new. They are very friendly, awesome to deal with. I totally recommend them!!

my husband and I took my old laptop to Mac Repair Service Dallas to install some ram( whatever that is) the man there was so professional and polite.. he told us that he would have my laptop ready in 2 days but to our surprise he called the next day telling us it was fixed. he told us that it also needed to be cleaned inside and he cleaned it no extra charge. He also sold us another laptop for our son..even gave us a discount..what great service…

Took my boyfriend’s MacBook Pro in to get the broken LCD screen repaired and it was fixed in a timely manner for a reasonable price.

Great place to to go! Took 2 MacBook Pro. 1 w hardware issue and 1 w software. Fixed both within 24 hours and at a very reasonable price. Would call them first before ever contacting Best Buy or Fry's or Apple.

Mac Repair Service Dallas did a fantastic job fixing the cracked screen on my MacBook. I did my research and called around and this place had the best price and stood by their work. I appreciate that they kept me updated on the length of time the service would be finished. I am thinking of returning to do a "clean up" on my computer to make it run faster. Great company. Wonderful customer service. I will definitely go to them again if I encounter another problem with my technology both aesthetic or internal.

The last few months my laptop was starting to slow down badly. I dropped my laptop off with Ian at 2:30pm and had it fixed and running nice and smoothly by 6:30pm. Thanks Mac Repair Service Dallas.

Forget the genius bar. Go straight to RJ who knows his Apple stuff and will give you good service and advice. Very reasonable prices.

excellent service, quick, honest , i have not had any problem with almost 6 jobs have been done, quicker than going to Apple, and much cheaper.

Knows their stuff. Helped me make my decision and stopped me dropping bundles of cash on a lost cause. Would use them again.

This bloke is a life saver. I bought some ram and tried to replace it myself - a relatively straightforward task I thought. However, when they say 'push it in until you hear the click', they don't mean jam it in so hard that it gets stuck and doesn't work. This happened at 10pm on a Wednesday night. The next morning I had to upload to a government department website a load of documents for clients in order for them to be processed in time. First thing the next morning I was at Ian’s place. It wasn't easy to get the ram out but he did it, and then put it in correctly. Sorted. No appointments, no 'our turn around time is two days'; he just told me to come around. Best kind of service in an emergency. Nice guy too.

Same day repair i.e. replace damaged HDD with a SSD and full backup restore. Not having to wait for a Mac Store Specialist to book you in weeks in advance. Super friendly and trustworthy. Thank you very much Ian, your advice to install the SSD was priceless, my iMac is now lightning fast! Wow! Thank you! Highly recommended.

Ian is extremely easy going and genuinely happy to help. He is fair and fast. I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off or lied to, as I do with so many other repair places. Highly recommend!

Ian is genuinely helpful and knowledgeable! He fixed my 8 year old iMac and make the machine runs as a brand new one, and he is so patient explaining what caused the break-down and what I can do to take good care of my mac and prevent future disaster. Luckily my iMac was in good hands of him and all hardware/software are restored to a condition much better than before! Thanks Ian!

Above and beyond great service. Very knowledgeable and friendly, skip the Genius Bar all together and head here for your mac woes. 10/10

Mac repair service Dallas not only fixed my laptop and saved be from buying a new one. They upgraded my daughters macbook pro and and showed us how to keep it clean and fast. I'm really impressed.

I can highly recommend these guys - am totally happy with my new revamped computer which they set up for me. Very reliable, efficient and proactive with excellent suggestions and affordable, reasonable prices.

What an absolute legend! Rarely do you meet someone that provides such great service and with honest advice. Completely fixed my computer over night and went the extra mile. I will be back and telling everyone I know. Thank you so much. Use this guy. Stop looking for other options.

Highly recommended. Ian is genuinely friendly, knowledgable and helpful. He replaced the battery on my Mac within 5 minutes and gave me some really great advice on how to maintain my laptop! He also helped me with my hard drive for free! I'll definitely be coming back

Very honest, very good service, awesome guy.

Does it more to help other people out then to help himself out

I am so glad I came to Mac Repair Service Dallas. Ian and RJ did an amazing job. I cannot praise their efficiency and service enough. Failing to get help from a number of repair companies, I thought I’d lost everything when my Macbook Pro broke down. In less than 24 hours, not only did I have all my files back, but my laptop fixed as well. Five stars -highly recommended!

Friendly, fast same-day service. My 2009 15" Mac is now operating as effectively as a new model - but for a fraction of the expense. Thanks RJ. :)

Very efficient and professional. Ian fixed a mac problem in less than two hours that others couldn't solve and other again had said could take a week or more to address.

muy buen servicio, responsable y justo con los precios. mucho conocimiento y muy pedagógico para explicar los problemas. además buena onda con los que no tenemos muy buen ingles

Quick response. Quick repair, basically on the spot by the time I went for a coffee my Mac was ready to go. Relatively well priced and provided tips to maintain the laptop integrity. Definitely recommend. Thanks again!!!

I can attest to the positive reviews given by the others. I have recently sent my laptop for servicing with Micro Online and they have quoted me with a very good deal. The work was done on time as promised and my laptop is now running smoothly again.

We took our water-damaged Macbook Air to Mac Repair Service Dallas and he fixed it completely for a very reasonable price. We are very impressed and would 100% recommend him.

I had a great experience. The lovely gentleman I dealt with explained everything clearly, kept me informed and completed the work quickly. He fixed my laptop after a dreaded white screen and charged a reasonable fee. I would definitely recommend them.

had a problem with my macbook pro late 2011, the usb wasn't working and i was having a graphics card problem, all fixed now i recommend him to you if you're having the same problem

Brought my MacBook Pro back from the dead!! The video issue (GPU solder problem) which is common on the older Macs was professionally fixed, quickly and cheaply.

Wonderful team of people!

They have been able to supply and install and now support our very complicated environment!

We have Macs (Macintosh / Apple) platform as well as PC computers as well as huge file servers and email servers, firewalls and other flashy stuff like smartphones and iPhones etc.

We work on tight deadlines and with lots of data and international work.

The born digital team keeps ahead of our requirements.

I think they have to be the best IT PC mac support people in the business.

If you want a trouble free IT environment call them is my advice!