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Doing our part for the planet

And sharing vermicomposting with our community

Did you know that throwing food waste into the garbage is a bigger contributor to climate change than plastics? It's true!

My goal with this website is to be a resource to share information with people who are interested in home vermicomposting, reducing their ecological impact and carbon footprint, growing robust plants for food and fun, and learning about soil ecology. There are some recurring beginner questions that come up over and over in online forums, so this site is in part so that I can link or point people here for accurate info. If you have questions I'm glad to answer them, I LOVE talking worms with people! Let me know if there are topics, products, information or services you'd like to see in the future. Currently I operate worm bins of varying types small to large, traditional to experimental, and accept organic materials from a small network of friends, businesses and neighbors for processing into castings, compost products and frass for customers. 

My educational content is organized by topic and is an overview of every main subject to get you successfully vermicomposting! 

Let's get your food scraps out of the landfill and into your thriving, gorgeous garden, and sequester some carbon while you do it!

You've heard of Farm-to-Table dining? 

"Table-to-Farm" composting makes it a sustainable, local loop! 

Quality, living vermicast

Our vermicompost is naturally produced right here in Lyons from a small network of homes and businesses committed to diverting our organics from the landfill. 

Easy kits to make your own

Making actively aerated compost tea (AACT) provides a HUGE boost of microbes to your plants and soils. Using fresh vermicompost takes compost tea to an entirely new level of quality and productivity.  

Frass is a potent and natural way to boost plant vigor, protect from disease, and feed your soil organically. Cannabis and other medicinal herbs really get a boost in complexity and aroma from judicious frass application.