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I am a philosopher of biology and a communications consultant affiliated with University of Bordeaux/CNRS and working for the School of Biology at University of St. Andrews.

As Associated Researcher at the ImmunoConcept Lab, I analyze how concepts of niche construction and developmental scaffolding can provide new types of explanations for immune and evolutionary theorizing, focusing on the holobiont (the macro-organism and its associated microorganisms) as case study.

I am also interested in the practice and philosophy of science communications. I examine the constitutive role of communications strategies in interdisciplinary collaborations and the plurality of epistemic features realized by different types of communications media. Currently, I am working as the Media and Communications Officer of the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis research project.

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Constructing niches and building communities between science & philosophy since 2009.

I work on the philosophical implications of developmental scaffolding, niche construction, and host-microbiome associations.

I design communication initiatives to facilitate interdisciplinary understanding and construct supporting communities for career advancement.

I teach philosophy of biology and am working on integrating philosophy of science into sustainability curricula (and vice versa).


  • Media and Communications Officer, University of St. Andrews, 2019 July - present


  • Associated Researcher, University of Bordeaux/CNRS (ImmunoConcept), 2018 Nov - present
  • Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Bordeaux/CNRS (PI: Thomas Pradeu's ERC-IDEM), 2015 Oct - 2018 Oct



  • Ph.D./M.A., Philosophy, University of Missouri. Aug 2009 - Dec 2015
  • Visiting Ph.D., Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna. Spring 2015
  • Dissertation Writing-up Fellow, KLI Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research, Altenberg, Austria, 2013 Aug - 2014 Jan
  • M. S. Psychology, National Taiwan University. Sept 2006 - July 2009
  • B. S. Life Sciences, National Yang Ming University. Sept 2002 - July 2006


English (native), Mandarin Chinese (native), German (beginner), French (stalled), Python (artificial)