Lynn Chiu, Philosophy of Biology

I'm a philosopher situated in an immunology lab.

I work on problems of individuality and explanations in the biological sciences.

My approach is analytic and collaborative. I interact closely with eco-devo biologists on the implications of niche construction for idealizations, abstractions, and causal explanations in evolutionary theorizing. In France, my research on the unity and disunity of fundamental concepts in physiology, as well as immunological approaches to individuality, also involves collaborations with (neuro)immunologists and philosophers of immunology and medicine (see Research page).

Teaching is a rewarding and crucial element of my academic career, especially in a liberal arts setting. I have taught introductory level courses including Intro to Philosophy, Logic and Reasoning, Bioethics, Contemporary Moral Issues, Philosophy and Human Nature. I am currently looking for opportunities to teach in France and Austria (see Teaching page).

Service is also integral to academic life. I have recently served as Director of Communications and Student Representative for ASSC and ISHPSSB, and am currently serving on committees of PSA (see Service page).

Employment & Fellowships:

  • Postdoc. University of Bordeaux. 2015 - (Thomas Pradeu's ERC-IDEM)
  • Dissertation Writing-up Fellow. KLI Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research. 2013.


  • Ph.D./M.A. Philosophy, University of Missouri. 2009 - 2015.
  • Visiting Ph.D. Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna. 2014.
  • M. S. Psychology, National Taiwan University. 2006 - 2009.
  • B. S. Life Sciences, National Yang Ming University. 2002 - 2006.

Areas of Specialization: Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Areas of Competence: Philosophy of Mind, Logic & Critical Thinking, Bioethics, Asian Philosophy

Languages: English (native), Mandarin (native), French (beginner)


  1. Chiu & Gilbert (2015) The birth of the holobiont: Multi-species birthing through mutual scaffolding and niche construction. Biosemiotics 8: 191. (publisher link)
  2. Chiu & Eberl (2016) Microorganisms as scaffolds of host individuality: an eco-immunity account of the holobiont. Biol Philos 31: 819 (publisher link)
  3. Chiu et al. (2017) Protective Microbiota: From Localized to Long-Reaching Co-Immunity. Front. Immunol. (publisher link) [download pdf]
  4. Laurent, ... Chiu, ...,et al. (2017) Immune-mediated repair: A matter of plasticity. Front. Immunol. 8:454. (publisher link) [download pdf]

Awards and Honors:

  • 2017 ISHPSSB Callebaut Prize
  • 2015 Biosemiotic Achievement Award for the Year 2015 (with Scott Gilbert)
  • 2010 Association for the Scientific Studies of Consciousness Poster Prize (Philosophy Category)
  • Outstanding Achievement, National Yang Ming University (2004, -05)