Google Maps FAQ

Why are all (most) of the streets on google maps of LW displaying (incorrectly) the name Leisure World?

Actually, for many purposes that is the legal address of your manor! Google actually has both names that your street is known by!

Why does it choose to use the legal name instead of the names on the actual street signs?

There are zoom controls in the lower right corner of both street view and satellite view. Enlarge your image enough and both names will begin to be displayed.

How do I switch between street view and satellite view?

The selection of which view is presented is located in the lower left corner of the map.

I have a _____ hand held device. Why are the map controls missing?

Because of limited screen size google maps depends upon the touch screen for pinch and enlarge and for drag and drop you simply press anywhere on screen hold contact and drag to left/right and-or up/down.

My phone/tablet does not display the link to tips about using google maps?

Instead you may see a input field with a complex web address - do not change this value! You will find Gmaps FAQ in the left hand menu at

Many of the cell phone's do not support satellite view.

Those that do you will find the switch from street view to satellite view is accessible from a small drop down menu at the upper left of the map image.

Why is this so complicated?

This application works best on any desktop laptop and some tablets. Even then, multiple web browsers, and operating systems all display web pages differently. Depending whatever device and OS software you are using You can find tutorials that will address your specific device. It is important that you ask google "When using Google maps do whatever on web browser name running operating system name.

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