Frequently Ask Questions

Why has services disappeared from the LWAZ.COM Page?

Once each month we need to take down the services reference tool provided by the Post. During that down time we update the Post Subscriber Email/Manor number list. We temporary replace the services menu with this FAQ page. Once the update is completed and tested, the services menu item will again be provided and an updated notice will be sent to all post subscribers. Typically this will stop the Services function no more than 24 hours.

How do I obtain access to the protected Community Web Site?

You must be an owner of the manor - or - the owner must file tennant identification with Administration.

If you need help with signing up, simply fill out this form and an computer savvy assistant will contact you.

I attempted to sign up and was returned to the signup page.

When you are returned to the signup page there is green text at the top of the page describing the problem. Unfortunately on my system the page is immediately refreshed and the real problem text is replaced with the warning "Passwords do not match". Typically the failures are the result of 1) Your manor is already signed up for CWS (possibly a previous owner). or 2) No tennant identification form has been submitted to admin by the manor owner. Whatever the problem, Carol Smith in the admin building is your next stop.

Why should I sign-up for access to the CSW?

Because it subscribes your email to the weekly Blast, and gives you access to LW Reference archive of knowledge.

Click here to see the schedule of CWS classes being taught by Ginny Rockenhauser

Click here for two pages of sign up instructions.

Click here for Ginny's multi page tutorial on the use of CWS

Why do we need both the Blast and the Community Web Site as Official communication Channels?

The Web site provides a quick access (indexed) repository of information we need for reference purposes.

The Blast is delivered (weekly) in your Email and tends to provide "short useful life" information directly to our residents.

Why do we need "Official" communication channels?

The accuracy of information provided by casual authors is often questionable.

Official, simply is the "truthfulness seal" for information regarding life in Leisure World.

Isolation of Official Information from idle speculation is very benificial!