District Meetings

Leisure World is subdivided into 7 Districts. You can discover the district your manor is within by referring to the last section of the LW Telephone book.

Each District elects (every two years) a Chairman who has the additional role of serving on the LW Board of directors.

Meetings are held monthly for each District and vary as to day of the month and time of day.

Actual meeting calendar is maintained inside the Community Web Site.

All residents are encouraged to attend your district meetings, because:

  • It is one information source about what is going on in your Community
  • It is your opportunity to measure other residents concerns
  • it is your best opportunity to provide input to the decision process.

Minutes of the meetings are archived for your review on the Community Web Site roughly 2 weeks after each meeting.

Should errors be discovered the archived document will be replaced with corrected official minutes of the session.