• We will hold a coaches meeting prior to the start of the season during the week of March 18 - keep an eye out for your invite! We will send out coaching packets electronically before the meeting, though hard copies may be provided. At the meeting you will:
    • Receive a list of the players on your roster.
    • Sign up for practice times/locations.
    • Receive copies of game schedules for you and your team.
  • Referees: All referees are scheduled through Kimberly Brough. These young refs are middle school and high school students. They have received referee level 9 certification, but be patient and kind. If you have game changes (cancelled or rescheduled games) contact Kimberly IMMEDIATELY so she can let the referee know.
  • Equipment: A bag of equipment will be issued to you at the coaches' meeting that will include balls, pennies, cones and a first aid kit.

Communication Between Coaches and Players/Parents

  • As soon as you get your player roster, call your players and let them know when practices and games will be, what equipment players need to bring, etc... Parks and Rec gets MANY MANY phone calls from panicked parents who haven't been contacted by a coach prior to practice starting and this creates confusion for everyone.
  • At the first practice distribute the schedule and a welcome letter. The letter needs to introduce yourself and your contact info. Outline your expectations for practice, games, player and parent sportsmanship, and the snack/drink assignment. Here is a sample letter. PDF DocX
  • If you have to cancel practice or games communicate with parents as soon as possible so they can plan accordingly.

Tip: If you want parents to pick up their player on time, start and end your practice on time. If you are loosey goosey with timelines, so are parents.

I Volunteered to coach! Now What?

Many first-time coaches volunteer or are volunteered for the job. So, first things first…relax. Relax and think about how much fun you are going to have with these young soccer players. We will be having two coaching clinics that will give you tips and ideas for drills, practice management, and age appropriate coaching techniques. Times/locations will be announced as soon as they are set.

Goal: Create a fun, learning soccer environment for your players while training and during games.

So I Volunteered to Coach, a presentation by Sam Snow, US Youth Soccer Director of Coaching

How do I do that? There a many available resources.

  1. Talk to our board. We have many coaching resources that you can check out.
  2. Talk to other coaches in the community who have worked with your assigned age group.
  3. Use this website to find helpful coaching resources, coach certification courses and training materials. Check out the links below.
  4. Visit the US Youth Soccer web site at for more resources and to purchase coaching materials and coaching aids.

Tips to Manage Your Team:

  1. Learn the rules and responsibilities and your league and of Wyoming Youth Soccer
  2. Prepare simple and clear rules for your players and their parents, including player and parent responsibilities.
  3. Determine required player equipment, such as a #4 or #5 soccer ball, shin guards, soccer cleats or sneakers, a water bottle, and appropriate clothing for Wyoming weather.
  4. Find out about uniform requirements: white or green shirt and shin guards.
  5. Put together a coaching kit, including #4 or #5 soccer balls, 25-30 cones, vests/pennies in two colors, a basic first aid kit, small cooler for ice, and zip lock bags. This is provided and will be handed out at the coaches' meeting.
  6. Develop a schedule, with locations, for practices and games, including drop-off and pick-up times.

Risk Management:

  1. Provide age appropriate activities at practices and games.
  2. Assure that practice and playing areas are safe, including the goals and equipment
  3. Make sure all players wear the proper equipment and that it fits correctly
  4. Always have another adult with you when coaching the players and during the time when players arrive and depart after practices and games. DO NOT leave the field until all players have a ride home.
  5. Create a plan for any medical emergencies/injuries. A first aid kit will be issued to you at the beginning of the season. If you need supplies, let a board member know.
  6. US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual
  7. USSF Best Practices Manual
  8. Additional Recommended Reading