Teaching experience

William & Mary

Instructor Principles of Statistics Spring 2021

Instructor International Trade Theory Fall 2020, Spring 2021

University of Michigan

Teaching Assistant Public Finance Fall 2019

Head Teaching Assistant Principles of Microeconomics Winter 2019

Head Teaching Assistant Principles of Macroeconomics Winter 2016, Winter 2017

Instructor Principles of Macroeconomics Spring 2016

Teaching Assistant Principles of Macroeconomics Fall 2018, Winter 2015, Fall, 2015, Fall 2014

Selected feedback on teaching

Winter, 2019

"Luis Baldomero–Quintana was a very passionate and amazing teacher. He explained every concept extremely well and wanted to do everything he could to help the students in his class. He teaches with lots of energy that is contagious and made me very interested in the material. Luis also was super helpful during office hours and made sure all my questions were answered before I left."

Fall, 2018

"Great work! Demanding and strict, but always for the benefit of the students. And also a good atmosphere."

Winter, 2017

"I am so glad I got Luis as my GSI! He explained everything so clearly and focused on the most important material so I felt well prepared. I appreciate his genuine passion, which definitely rubbed off on me even though I was not excited to take this class. I liked his additional content about how to connect economics to our own lives/current events that he finds interesting."

Winter, 2016

"Luis was a fun and energetic GSI who made learning the ECON material enjoyable. He cared about the students and made sure that we understood the topics on the exam and beyond. My highest praise to Luis."

Fall, 2015

"Luis was an exceptional GSI. He really, truly helped students understand the material and was extremely helpful in helping students who struggled initially with the material keep up with the pace of the class. I am incredibly grateful I had Luis as my GSI."

Winter, 2015

"The best GSI I have had yet at Michigan. He was always prepared for class and genuinely wanted to help us do well on exams. Went above and beyond to help us. "

Fall, 2014

"Luis was extremely helpful to me in and outside of class. He always knew the answer to questions, and I think he is one of the most effective teachers I've had in 3 semesters of college. He was also extremely engaging and always taught using questions, which was very helpful. Loved this discussion"