What is your origin story?

After moving to Texas from New York, Artistic Director and Founder, Megan Hildebrand, decided to further her mission as an artist by starting her own theatre company. Though getting cast as an Actor and working as a Director and Teaching Artist in the DFW metroplex, Megan became increasingly aware that the theatre community was not utilizing its local talent. The renowned theatre companies in the area were still relying on artists from New York, Chicago and beyond to fill their leading roles. On top of that, theatres were not offering all inclusive programming to their community. In the summer of 2015, Luckenbooth began as a theatre collective - with the goal of being structured as a Rep Company that offered ample opportunities to local artists of all ages, experience levels and abilities. As the Collective grew, Luckenbooth's core group of artists were founded and evolved into their current Company. Still faithful to their original mission, Luckenbooth now asserts themselves as a professional theatre company that stages new works from local artists by local artists and reintroduces established works to their patrons in original, thought-provoking ways. The Luckenbooth Academy is committed to training the next generation of actors and performers and their Adapt2Act Program also brings artistic opportunities to those who may not have access to arts education, as well as those with disabilities.

Where are you located?

Our new black box studio space is located in the Fort Worth Design District.

What is a Guerrilla Theatre?

"Guerrilla theatre involves numerous forms of performance, from stage and street plays to the distribution of free food and free goods as a rejection of capitalism. In all of its forms, it is meant to question social and political norms which are unjust or oppressive, and evoke a response from the audience. Above all, however, guerrilla theatre is meant to be seen. The public, highly visibly nature of it is important. You don't always choose to be the audience of guerrilla theater. After all, the goal is to force people to address political issues, and to shake the foundations of cultural normality." ~Christopher Muscato

In more recent years, the term "guerilla theatre" has evolved to mean that the theatrical performances by a Company are not limited to one location. They are inspired by and planned around the artistic vision of the Director. Performances may be seen on a traditional stage, a black box, in an arena, outdoors or any other applicable venue. Modern day performers can benefit greatly from this idea, as it provides an opportunity to perform on various stage styles which only strengthens their abilities as an actor.

What does Luckenbooth mean? Why was it selected as the name of the Company?

Luckenbooth, of Scottish and Celtic origin, translates to "Of Earthly Joys Thou Art My Choice." During the 16th to 18th centuries, brooches in this shape were used as a token of betrothal, affection and friendship. The first Luckenbooth brooches date from the late seventh century. It was considered a lucky charm, protecting the wearer against the evil eye. From the eighteenth century onward, small brooches were worn and traded to protect against evil spirits and to symbolize loyalty.

Founder, Megan Hildebrand, has Scottish/Irish heritage and found the translation of Luckenbooth to match the views of her ministry as an artist.

Do you offer any sort of compensation or stipend for your Actors, Directors, Designers?

Members of our Repertory Company receive a small stipend.

What is the Repertory Company and how does one get selected for inclusion?

Our Repertory Company is a group of artists invited to join after a minimum of 2 productions as a recognition of their commitment and dedication to Luckenbooth and the Company's core values. These members have gone above and beyond to assist Luckenbooth in becoming the Company we are today and will collaborate to make Luckenbooth what it is in the future.

Do you offer any opportunities to those with special needs?

YES! Being an all inclusive theatre is extremely important to us. Our Adapt2Act program brings artistic opportunities to those who may not have access to arts education/performance, as well as those with disabilities. Our productions include ASL interpreted performances and Relaxed/Sensory Sensitive performances. Our Director of Accessibility works hand in hand with our Artistic Director to ensure everyone has equal opportunity in our programming.

What is a Production Fee? Do you offer any scholarships?

Our production fee is an industry standard among top ranking theatres nationwide and covers all production materials for each actor under the age of 18: costumes, comp tickets for parents, a professional headshot session with our company photographer, and liability insurance. Financial assistance is available upon request. Luckenbooth will never deny a child an opportunity to participate. Scholarships based on talent, discipline, and dedication may be awarded to actors after a production. Scholarship recipients may earn multiple scholarships in a season.

What are the benefits of becoming a Contributing Member, Donor or Sponsor?

Please visit our Donation Page to see the rewards and benefits of becoming a contributing member!

What is an Industry Night?

It can be difficult to see performances when you’re “in the biz,” and so many theatres have introduced Industry Nights into their calendars to allow professionals to see what their peers are up to in the community. Ours offer discounted admission and typically take place on the Thursday before a production's official opening night.

What is a Relaxed/Sensory Sensitive Performance?

These performances have certain production elements, such as light and sound cues, adjusted slightly to even out or soften the sensory experience of the show ( or remove it altogether). These performances may also offer accommodations outside of the show itself, such as a relaxation/quiet area, an activity area, family/non-gendered bathrooms, a live-feed of the show in the lobby, and online pre-show materials like a social story (a sort of story-book for individuals with autism about what to expect in seeing the show) and FAQs for parents and caregivers. Ushers for these performances receive some special training and are on hand in the house and lobby to support families who need it. Audience members are welcome to bring snacks, toys, and fidgets (objects that can help soothe and focus individuals on the autism spectrum) into the theatre with them, and are welcome to exit and return to the theatre whenever they need to.

Most importantly, these performances are a judgment-free zone. Everyone is welcome and released from the traditional expectations about sitting still and staying silent. Everyone is free to respond, move, speak, or self-sooth in whatever way they need to enjoy and experience the performance. These performances are about creating a space where a parent, a child with sensory sensitivity, and their neuro-typical sibling can all have an incredible artistic experience. Anyone who needs a relaxed atmosphere is welcome regardless of their medical diagnosis.

Do you offer any opportunities to home-schooled students?

YES! Luckenbooth offers specialized classes for home-schooled students looking to fill their performing arts credit. These classes predominantly take place during the Fall and Spring when traditional schools are in session. Students in these classes are encouraged to participate in Luckenbooth productions that utilize actors coming from all industry levels (student, professional, Repertory Company, etc.). Those interested should have their Educational or Parental Co-op contact Artistic Director, Megan Hildebrand, at luckenbooththeatre@gmail.com

What is your safety protocol for Covid-19?

Our Rehearsal Safety Protocol can be found here. Our Performance Safety Protocol can be found here. Please note that both are part of Phase 2 in our re-opening plan and may not apply to every production. The safety of our patrons and artists is of the utmost importance to us. Due to the intimacy of our space, unless otherwise notated, productions will remain livestreamed to audiences.