Hi, my name is Lubov.

I'm a UX/UI Designer, Graphic&Web Designer, Illustrator, and Artist from Toronto

Coursera Google Challenge

“Kids need to know that every food they put into their bodies affects them,”  — says Danelle Fisher, MD, chair of pediatrics at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA.
"People are always going to go shopping. A lot of our effort is just ‘how do we make the retail experience a great one?" — Phillip Green, Chairman, Arcadia Group
"If you're a baker, making bread, you're a baker. If you make the best bread in the world, you're not an artist, but if you bake the bread in the gallery, you're an artist. So the context makes the difference."       — Marina Abramovic

Illustrations; Art; Graphic & Web Design

Graphic Design



Get in touch at lubasha.k@gmail.com