LSP Partners

The Local Systems Practice team is composed of the following organizations:

  • LINC: an organization dedicated to strengthening local systems with an international development project portfolio including community and organizational development, network analysis, and systems analysis for design, monitoring and evaluation.
  • ANSER: a not-for-profit, public-service research institute helping government clients make complex policy decisions through the application of systems thinking.
  • AVSI–USA: an experienced development organization with rich experience in community development and ethnographic research.
  • Notre Dame Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science & Applications (iCeNSA): a university with a breadth of expertise in computer science applications of network analytics.
  • Practical Action: an organization with extensive experience in participatory approaches to systems design, applying these approaches to diverse sectors, including water and sanitation, local energy access, agricultural market systems and DRR.
  • University of Missouri: a research university with a strong Land Grant Extension Outreach program and expertise in survey methods and social capital analysis.