Causal Loop Diagrams: Resources Required

There are no standard resource requirements for development of a CLD, as the amount of resources often depend on the consideration of a number of factors. Developing an initial map can typically take between 1 - 5 months depending on how many people are involved and the level of complexity and detail desired. Key considerations include:

  • How complex is the learning question?
  • What is the scope of the CLD?
  • How detailed is the requested CLD?
  • What is the extent of previous research and empirical knowledge about the subject of investigation?
  • How many CLDs will be developed?
  • Will CLDs be periodically updated or maintained?
  • Will the CLD development rely on literature review alone or also on group model building with stakeholders?
  • If group model building is desired, how many stakeholder will be involved in the effort?
  • How accessible are the stakeholders to provide input for iterations of the CLD?
  • How sophisticated will the analysis be?