Advocate for Fair Funding in NJ Public Schools

A Little Silver Board of Education Advocacy Project

Our Mission

As parents, Little Silver residents, and current Board of Education Members we have a dedication to and vested interest in the success of our schools and our students. A major factor in our district's function is the health of its budget. Our district, as well as others, have faced the challenges of state and federal school funding shortages, as well as the rising costs of services required. We know you have the same dedication to our schools as we do, so we are inviting you to join in our efforts to advocate for funding reform so that every student will have the resources they need to achieve. The information on this site will be updated regularly, on an as-needed basis.

Current Issues that Need Our Attention:

S-354: School Funding Formula Evaluation Task Force

A seven-member task force will study, evaluate and assess the current state school funding formula. Click on the image to learn more.

Transportation Crisis

Transportation costs have skyrocketed nation wide due to a severe shortage of bus drivers. Click on the image to learn more about this and see what you can do to help. NEW UPDATED ADDED!

Federal Funding of IDEA

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act provides funding for special education budgets. But, it has been federally underfunded since it began. Click on the picture to read more about this. NEW UPDATE ADDED!

Watch this space for new issues we can work on together!

details will be here!

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