Promotion Sheets

Cadet Promotion Sheets for the 42nd Composite Squadron

These promotion sheets are specific to the 42nd Composite Squadron and are used as a check list. They include additional items for the cadet to accomplish during each promotion phase. These are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format and the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloaded if needed. (This page is best viewed in Google Chrome)

  1. Cadet Airman
LRCS Form 28-1-Airman.pdf

2. Cadet Airman First Class

LRCS Form 28-2-Airman First Class.pdf

3. Cadet Senior Airman

LRCS Form 28-3-Senior Airman.pdf

4. Cadet Staff Sergeant

LRCS Form 28-4-Staff Sergeant.pdf

5. Cadet Technical Sergeant

LRCS Form 28-5-Technical Sergeant.pdf

6. Cadet Master Sergeant

LRCS Form 28-6-Master Sergeant.pdf

7. Cadet Senior Master Sergeant

LRCS Form 28-7-Senior Master Sergeant.pdf

8. Cadet Chief Master Sergeant

LRCS Form 28-8-Chief Master Sergeant.pdf

9. Armstrong Award (Ghost)

LRCS Form 28-9-Armstong Award (Ghost).pdf

10. Cadet 2nd Lieutenant (Billy Mitchel Award)

LRCS Form 28-10-2nd Lieutenant.pdf

11. Flight Commander (Ghost)

LRCS Form 28-11-Flight Commander (Ghost).pdf

12. Cadet 1st Lieutenant

LRCS Form 28-12-1st Lieutenant.pdf

13. Public Affairs Officer (Ghost)

LRCS Form 28-13-Public Affairs Officer (Ghost).pdf

14. Cadet Captain

LRCS Form 28-14-Captain.pdf

15. Leadership Officer (Ghost)

LRCS Form 28-15-Leadership Officer (Ghost).pdf

16. Aerospace Officer (Ghost)

LRCS Form 28-16-Aerospace Officer (Ghost).pdf

17. Cadet Major

LRCS Form 28-17-Major.pdf

18. Logistics Officer (Ghost)

LRCS Form 28-18-Logistics Officer (Ghost).pdf

19. Cadet Commander (Ghost)

LRCS Form 28-19-Cadet Commander (Ghost).pdf

20. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel

LRCS Form 28-20-Lieutenant Colonel.pdf

21. Cadet Colonel (Spaatz Award) - There is no promotion sheet for this Award.