Fence & Window FAQ

What do you mean “residence or work” in West Philadelphia:

Our project centers around the zip codes that flank Lower Lancaster Avenue, and extends to artists living and working in West Philadelphia. Priority consideration will be given to those in proximity / with a knowledge of the area.

How much space do I get?

Fence: We’ll work with you to select the appropriate location for your installation, on either Lancaster or Powelton Avenues. There’s some flexibility here -- consider the size/scale/shape that makes the most sense for the work that you want to convey and that the majority of traffic in this area is vehicular rather than pedestrian.

Windows: We’ll work with you to determine how your piece relates to the visible spaces in and outside of the building -- including but not limited to the two entry vestibules as well as the interior windows and teller windows facing the parking lot.

What is the fence like?

She’s your run-of-the-mill chain link variety, 6ft standard in height.

What about collaborations?

You're welcome to submit joint application. If two parties submit independently they'll each be considered separately.

What medium is acceptable?

So long as it will stay put on over the course of a month, please use the medium that makes sense for your practice. This could be sculpture woven into the fence, screen printed banners or fabric panels, found materials, photographs, projection or more that we can’t yet imagine. The installations must withstand the elements of a sticky Philly summer, acknowledge the potential for vandalism, and be completely removable.

What’s this Pecha Kucha thing?

We’ll accept as many applicants to the pitch session as we have room for--based on the information provided in the Stage One submission form. We want to learn about you in person, not from your resume, and have a chance for artists to share their work with one another. The format is standard, so you’ll want to practice your spiel in advance. 15 still images for 20 seconds each. The slides advance automatically. You spend five minutes showing us who you are, and a draft of your response to the question.

I can't make the presentation on 3/30...

The primary method for communicating about your work is the the opportunity to talk about it with the artists and others in the room. Please indicate on the application form if you are wholly unavailable on the evening of March 30th. If you're selected for Stage 2, we'll work with you on an alternative.

What should I include in my pitch?

Slides of your past and current work, sketches of what you imagine for this commission, inspirational images...tell us who you are and why you’re interested in this work. Collectively we’ll decide which artists are the best fit for the project. No panel. No jury. No selection committee.

Wait...there’s no jury?

Correct. The artists chosen will be selected by the people in the room. Fellow pitchers, community members, curators, friends and family, along with the LoLa38 working group and Leadership Team who will guide the process. We’ll all be looking for the people that get us most excited, that line up with the project’s place-making goals and that will encourage people to engage with the questions we've posed.

It is our intention that this process is transparent and inclusive, and we have deliberately chosen to come to a common decision instead of selecting a panel of “experts” to deliberate on applications behind closed doors.

I still have more questions…

The best way to learn more is to attend an info session and site visit on March 11th or 15th. You can RSVP here.

If you’re not able to attend please email us and we'll add to this list: lola38arts@gmail.com