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January 26, 2023

Labor Action Tracker 2022 - Annual Report
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One Job
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Letter campaign looks to reignite talks between Local 1940 AFT, Middlesex College

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With Middlesex College’s full-time faculty members (Local 1940 AFT) in their third academic year without a contract, AFTNJ on Sept. 26 launched a letter campaign that targets Middlesex County commissioners, asking them to urge the Middlesex College administration to bargain in good faith.


“Over the past few months, Local 1940 AFT leadership and members, along with Middlesex College students, have spoken at board of county commissioners meetings about the administration’s lack of communication and its impact on contract negotiations,” wrote AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera in an email alerting AFT members about the campaign. Chiera noted that Local 1940 AFT President Pat Payne asked commissioners at the April meeting to voice their support for Middlesex College faculty, but that hasn’t occurred, hence the outreach to the commissioners via letters.


Show your solidarity for Local 1940 AFT by sending a letter today.

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Working Together - Moving Forward!

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