Temporal Distortions

Photo by Dustin Schneider

Temporal Distortions

"All power to all people." 

Music to Inspire and Empower. Est. 2020

Temporal Distortions is Anthony Sosa, Garrett Bond, Brandon Tyner and Ben Rhodes.

TempDis began in 2020 as a politically charged solo project for Sosa, culminating into 16 songs, released as "Volume is Power" under Local Famous Records in 2021. Since it's' release, Temporal Distortions has evolved into a loud, high-energy live performance including members from The Raven Charter, Huffer, Daylight Industries and White Elephant

Currently working on a new, live album, Temporal Distortions will be playing shows in the DFW area throughout 2024, looking to release the new record in 2025. 

Live at Lola's 

Daring Bravely live

Volume is Power


Pay for Your Own Exploitation

Music Video


Lyric Video


2-15-21 Garrett Bond, Brandon Tyner & Matt Bardwell join the band.

4-1-21 "Volume is Power" released on Local Famous Records.

6-12-21 Pantego, TX - Dr. Jekyll's Beer Lab with Double Bear

6-18-21 FW, TX - Lola's Trailer Park - Local Famous Records Showcase w/ Glenn Wallace, Double Bear, and Teen Wolves

7-31-21 Arlington, TX - Davis St. Festival w/ Neon Red, Dave Cave, Double Bear et al. 

9-10-21 FW, TX - Lola's Trailer Park -w/ King Booty Disco and Celestial L'Amour

11-19-21 FW, TX - MASS w/ Transit Method, The Infamists and Red Beard Wall

11-26-21 Arlington, TX Growl Records w/ Jack Bellamy & Oli et al. 

1-22-22 Pantego, TX - Dr. Jekyll's Beer Lab  w/ 

2-18-22 FW, TX - Tulip's w/ Siamese Hips & Bruce Magnus

4-1-22 FW, TX - MASS w/ Bencjones and Black Market Garden

7-23-22 Pantego, TX - Dr. Jekyll's Beer Lab  w/Beck Bucks 

Feb 2024 Ben Rhodes joins the band. 

2-15-24 "Introverture" Released on LFR 

4-13-24 Haltom Theater w/ The Dialectic & Mass of Amara et al.

8-11-24 The Cicada w/ The Spectacle 

11-24-24 FOOD FEST at Haltom Theater