Soft Skills Resources

The Learning Networks have created this site to host resources to build the soft skills of our learners.

We created it to:

  • assist LBS programs in documenting what they already do to increase learners’ soft skills
  • identify community partnerships that show some good practices related to soft skill development
  • provide some resources to LBS programs that may want to increase their soft skill programming

The Globe and Mail printed this article in July 2019 on how universities are teaching soft skills.

The LearningHUB shared this on Twitter. It is an excellent article on how someone got a job because of "soft skills."

Have a read - Attitude over Aptitude

This project focuses on the soft skills that are frequently mentioned in online job postings in the four county region (Bruce/Grey/Huron/Perth), and correlates this with the occupations within each of the top five industrial sectors that are most frequently posted online. The goal of this project is to identify the soft skills employers are highlighting in job postings for in-demand occupations in our area. This research will allow job seekers and community partners to connect key soft skills with in-demand jobs in our region."

Skills Profile report by FCLMPB which includes profiles from agriculture, construction, healthcare, manufacturing and retail trade.

Soft Skills Framework Report (1).pdf
LH Employment Courses June 2018.pdf

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