Namitha  Liyanage

PhD candidate   -  Computer Science  -  Yale University

Quantum Error Correction and multi-FPGA architectures


AYUBOWAN... (Wish you a long life)

I am a PhD candidate at  Computer Science Department in Yale University.  I'm working with Professor Lin Zhong in Yale Efficient Computing Lab. My current research focuses on building scalable multi-FPGA systems for Quantum Error Correction and control.

Prior to joining Yale, I started my graduate studies at Rice University, Texas where I got my MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2020. I moved to Yale in the fall of 2020 to continue my work with my advisor. 

In the summer of 2019, I interned at Google, Sunnyvale. Before starting graduate school I worked 2 years at Paraqum Technologies working as a hardware engineer working on developing FPGA based video encoders for HEVC standard.

Contact :

Office :  309 Arthur K. Watson Hall

Profiles : LinkedIn | Google Scholar| Github

Recent Updates


Multi-FPGA System for Controlling  and Error Correcting 100s of qubits

Updates: Our latest work is now available online
Scalable Quantum Error Correction for Surface Codes using FPGA

In the quest for practical quantum computing, addressing qubit errors is a significant challenge. Surface codes offer a solution by encoding qubits redundantly across physical qubits. Real-time error correction for large surface codes is challenging, but we employ FPGAs for parallel processing.

Our approach involves a distributed UF algorithm-based decoder and FPGA implementation for real-time error correction. We've developed Helios, a multi-FPGA architecture, to overcome single FPGA limitations. The prototype comprises seven ZCU106 FPGAs, enabling real-time QEC for large surface codes.

QEC demands tight latency constraints, with each decoding round completing in under 1000ns for superconducting qubits. Our recent modifications allow Helios to balance hardware resource usage and latency, achieving decoding faster than the rate of measurement for surface codes exceeding distances of 50.

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2020 -  : Yale University

PhD candidate in Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science (2022)

Master of Philosophy in Computer Science (expected 2023 December)

2017 - 2020 : Rice University

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

2010 - 2015 : University of Moratuwa

Bachelor of the Science in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering

(Rank 2 out of 100 students)

Professional Experience

FPGA engineering Intern (2023) at Qblox

Software Engineering Intern (2019) at Google

Associate Architect (2017 ), Electronic Engineer (2015 - 2017) at ParaQum Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd

Application Engineer (Consultancy basis) (2015 - 2017) at Wave Computing

Trainee Associate Electronic Engineer (2013-2014) at Zone 24x7 (Pvt.) Ltd