PhD student - Computer Science - Yale University


AYUBOWAN... (Wish you a long life)

I am a PhD student at Computer Science Department in Yale University. I'm working with Professor Lin Zhong in Yale Efficient Computing Lab. My current research focuses on building scalable multi-FPGA systems for Quantum Error Correction and Qubit control & measurement.

I am originally from Colombo, Sri Lanka. I got my BSc from University of Moratuwa in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. I started my graduate studies at Rice University, Texas where I got my MSc in 2020. I moved to Yale in the fall of 2020 to continue my work with my advisor.

In the summer of 2019, I interned at Google, Sunnyvale. Prior to starting graduate school I worked 2 years at Paraqum Technologies working on developing FPGA based video encoders.

Contact :

Office : 309 Arthur K. Watson Hall

Profiles : LinkedIn | Google Scholar| Github

Current Research

Multi-FPGA System for Controlling 1000 qubits

A significant challenge in realizing a practical quantum computer is the errors in the quantum bits (qubits). A promising solution for quantum error correction is surface codes where a single qubit is redundantly encoded across multiple physical qubits. In addition to that a surface code patch contains stabilizers which keep track of errors in adjacent physical qubits. By decoding the stabilizer results the underlying error pattern can be identified.

A key challenge in the above process is the scalability of the decoder. Decoding process has strict latency bounds to keep up with rest of the system, which is in the range of 10s of microseconds. While large surface code patches can exponentially increase error correction capabilities, the size of a surface code patch will be limited by the decoding capability.

In our current research we are building a system with many FPGAs to overcome this scalability bottleneck. We chose FPGAs as they can perform parallel computations with very low deterministic latency, which is a necessity in real time decoding. We are also working on developing an algorithm that can be mapped across many FPGAs without getting bottlenecked by inter FPGA communication.

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  • Teaching Fellow for Building Distributed Systems (CPSC 426/526) : Yale University : 2022

  • Teaching Fellow for Computer System Design (CPSC 429/529) : Yale University : 2021

  • Grader for Mobile and Embedded Systems (ECE 424/524) : Rice University 2018