What is a Free Methodist Church?

We are a Connected Church

part of the Free Methodist Church USA.

What is a Free Methodist?

Free Methodists are people who follow Christ’s teachings. These are explained in the Holy Bible, God’s Word. The Bible is the guide to a satisfying life. Free Methodists earnestly seek to spread His Word throughout the world. They proclaim Christ’s love for all people. The Free Methodist Church is a well-recognized Christian denomination emphasizing holy living.

In 1860, the “free” in Free Methodist emphasized certain basic freedoms found in the Scriptures:

Human freedom, upholding the right of every person to be free, denying the right of anyone to hold slaves;

Freedom and simplicity in worship;

Free seats in church, so the poor will not be kept out or discriminated against;

Freedom and openness in relationships and loyalties so the truth may always be spoken freely (avoiding vows of secrecy);

Freedom of lay persons to be fully involved at all levels of decision making;

Freedom from materialism in order to help the poor.

The biblical principles on which these freedoms are based are as important today as ever. We are “Methodists,” believing in a disciplined, simple lifestyle. Our witness to the world is through enthusiastic, orderly methods

Scriptural Holiness The Free Methodist Church recognizes the Bible as the rule for all matters of faith and life. Free Methodists practice a positive holiness that is a disciplined lifestyle motivated by Christian love.

Practical Godliness The Free Methodist Church is not satisfied with just talk. Rules of conduct, detailed in the Membership Covenant, spell out practical guidelines for living a truly holy life. In this way, walk and talk match up.

Social Concern Our Methodist heritage is lived out in social sensitivity, in Christian love shown through compassion and service.

Evangelism and Foreign Missions Winning people to Christ is at the heart of all that Free Methodist people do. Evangelism involves honest concern for others the Free Methodist Church as an aggressive plant or reaching people for Christ and planting new churches.

Free Methodists are a connected people sharing resources in order to do the Lord’s work. The Book of Discipline helps to tie the church together with a common set of beliefs and a shared heritage. We practice our faith by the same Membership Covenant.