Linton Roe

Teacher, Educational Consultant, Coach, Languages Educator, Sessional Academic

Connecting with leaders, educators and students. 

Providing practical support, advice and coaching.

Supporting the next generation of teachers.

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation today. I loved that it was so interactive and gave some amazing ideas to use with children and families." Lisa Christopher, Haileybury Newlands.

"The way he explained the phonological processing issues of our neurodivergent kids and demonstrated how to support them was fantastic." Kelly Vimpani, Roberts McCubbin P.S.

I love learning and inspiring others to learn.

Speak with me about how I can inspire, support and enhance learning in your context.

Currently booking: 

EC - workshops, coaching

Primary/Secondary School support - classroom coaching, middle leader coaching, staff meetings (pedagogy, student agency)

Tertiary - Pre-service teacher support, practical workshops

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Testimonials 2023/2024

Collaborating with Linton significantly enhanced our students' language acquisition skills across all proficiency levels. Our teaching methods experienced a notable improvement, resulting in more engaging and effective lessons that fostered a supportive learning environment for both students and staff.

Linton played a key role in helping us make sense of teaching languages in a manner that could be seamlessly applied across the curriculum, particularly in literacy for our English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners. His professional development style is both engaging and informative, establishing a strong and trusting relationship with our staff that positively influenced the success of the program.

Linton effectively supports classroom teachers in language instruction using an 'I do, We do, You do' model, which proved to be transferable across various curriculum areas. His constructive feedback and support were instrumental in enabling our staff to enhance their own knowledge, skills, and confidence in teaching languages.

Additionally, Linton played a pivotal role in our school's adoption of the TCL languages program. His clear and effective communication motivated all staff members, resulting in the successful implementation of a whole-school approach. This approach ensures a cohesive and impactful language learning environment for our students.

Staff from St. Joseph's Primary School Springvale

"Thank you for your wonderful presentation today. I loved that it was so interactive and gave some amazing ideas to use with children and families." 

Lisa Christopher, Haileybury Newlands, April 2023.