Meet our Team


Background: I was first introduced to the gym in 1998 as a freshmen in high school by my father. Sports have always been a big part of my life. Between the gym, football, wrestling, track, boxing, and MMA I have been surrounded with a variety of athletics my entire life. I completed my CrossFit level 1 in 2015 with Chris Spealler.

Favorite Movement: Honestly, I can’t think of a movement that I don’t like. Throwing weight around is my idea of a good time! If I had to choose I enjoy the gymnastics movements the most because of the difficulty and skill that they require.

Favorite Workout: I feel like long chippers are my jam because when I look around and see people getting tired it motivates me to push harder. I can’t get through this question without mentioning my girl, “Fran”. Anything that gives me butterflies and leaves me feeling like I got my ass kicked that bad is a winner in my book!

Why you enjoy coaching at LINS FITT: I enjoy coaching because of the gratification I get from watching other people transform both physically and mentally! I am so proud of what Lins FITT has became over the last couple years and all the people that have contributed to that. As a coach I get to be a part of people's journey. Every journey is exciting and unique. You never really know what to expect, but keeping people moving in the right direction is an absolute privilege and an honor.


Background: I majored in K-12 Physical Education, Health and Recreation while running college track. I come from a collegiate running background, which made it very hard to focus on my weaknesses of strength and gymnastics. My husband, brother in law and I started our own small gym in a basement, along with me working out at a cross training gym a couple times a week. We loved the workouts and in 2016 started our own program: LINS FITT.

I am currently a Middle School Assistant Principal and Athletic Director and the mother of 3 awesome kids!

Favorite Movement: Pistols & Cleans

Favorite Workout: Chippers with running in them :)

Why you enjoy coaching at LINS FITT: I enjoy watching people change both physically and mentally. I love to coach athletes that give it 110%, that don’t care about what the person next to them is doing and leaves it on the floor with no excuses. We are a family here, and I enjoy showing up to laughter, joking and all around great time!


Background- I majored in K-12 physical education and hold a minor in Health Education at Black Hills State University. I am the head football Coach at High school and the assistant coach for High school and Middle School Wrestling. I have also coached track for the the past 4 years at the middle school and high school levels . I am currently in charge of all the strength and conditioning for our high school and for most of our sports.

Favorite Movement- Power Cleans!

Favorite Workout- EMOM and Chippers

Why you enjoy coaching at LINS FITT-100% for the people.


Background- I have a degree in Computer Science and work for Moffat County School District Technology Department. Growing up I played soccer until my early twenties. My first introduction to Crossfit was in 2013 with a small group of ladies (Sara L included).

Favorite Movement- Pistols and Squat Cleans

Favorite Workout- Partner workouts

Why you enjoy coaching at LINS FITT- I love the family that we have created here at LINS FITT. When an athlete hits a PR or finally gets a move that they have been working on, I love getting to celebrate that with them.



Background: For as long as I can remember I have loved being active. I grew up in Craig and participated in volleyball, basketball & track as an MCHS Bulldog and then played volleyball at Colorado Mesa College. After returning to Craig I was the head volleyball and girls track coach for several years and enjoyed building relationships with the student athletes and sharing my passion of fitness.

Favorite Movement: Front & Back Squats

Favorite Workout: I love chipper workouts because of the different exercises. They’re a true test of endurance, capacity and mental toughness!

Why you enjoy coaching at LINS FITT: The LINS FITT crew! Nothing better than starting or ending the day with a group of people that show up and give it there all day in and day out. It’s a privilege to watch and be a part of each individual members functional fitness journey.


Background I have a degree in Chemistry with an emphasis in Secondary Education from Western State Colorado University, where I competed in track as a pole vaulter. Before track, I was a gymnast for around 15 years. I currently teach 7th grade science and I am head coach at Rising Star Gymnastics.

Favorite Movement Handstand Walks and Toes to Bar

Favorite Workout Anything with lots of gymnastics movements! I also like workouts with many rounds so I can challenge myself to stay consistent each round.

Why you enjoy coaching at LINS FITT All of the coaches and athletes are so positive, encouraging, and fun to be around.