Getting Started

1ST Week is FREE!

The hardest step will be putting all of you "what-if's" to the side and taking your first step into LINS FITT. From there you will be greeted by one of our amazing coaches who will walk you though ever step of the class. You will fill instant support through our amazing community.

No stress, no commitment. Let us tell you about who we are and what we do, show you around the gym, answer your questions, and make a plan to move forward.

What should I bring? Athletes will need a water bottle and clean tennis shoes that aren't wore in from the outside especially with wet weather. We have 2 restrooms that be used to can change in. You can stop in for your first class anytime. We will have a waiver for you to complete.

What if I can't do a movement... I am really out of shape... or I have a limitation? Coaches will work with you to scale each movement to meet your needs.

Track your progress..

Part of your LINS FITT experience is tracking your progress. We believe that the 1% gains add up over time and it is exciting to see how far you have come. We use a program called SugarWOD. SugarWOD is not about being at the top of the leaderboard. It's ability to record workouts, PR's... etc allows you to see how far you have come. When using the app use the RX or Scaled feature honestly, leave notes for yourself, be ready when you walk in the door knowing where you were last week on Back Squats and the percentages you will be working from today. It's easy to forget how far you have come without seeing the numbers.

SugarWOD allow us to support each other; morning class and afternoon. We can "FIST BUMP" and leave comments for each other. We can ask questions and get feedback from coaches that weren't in our class.

From your APP store download SugarWOD. Once it is downloaded it will have you do 2 things: Find you Gym (LINS FITT) and create an account using either your Facebook Account or Email Address. YOUR DONE! You can also log in on a computer at