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Attorney Matthew J. Linn offers experienced legal help in the following areas:


When a property owner dies, with or without a will, this legal proceeding protects the rights of beneficiaries, debtors and creditors of the deceased person's estate by determining who is entitled to share in the estate and properly distributing assets after all the property has been collected and debts and tax expenses have been paid.


A procedure in which the court appoints a person to have the care, custody and control of the personal affairs of a minor or incompetent person, or management of the financial affairs of a minor, incompetent or spendthrift.

Wills, Trusts and Estates:

If you have minor children; if you have saved and now accumulated some assets; if you are concerned about who will manage your assets if you become incapacitated or who will receive your assets when you die; if you are concerned about probate; if you want to reduce or avoid estate taxes while you are alive, then it is the right time to prepare estate planning documents that fit your needs.

Real Estate:

Your attorney's representation may include negotiating and drafting of the offer; helping address contingencies and problems that may arise; drafting or reviewing deeds, mortgages and other transaction documents; and seeing the transaction through to closing. Real estate agents are prohibited by law from giving legal advice and representation in Wisconsin. They act as intermediaries in a sale or purchase, but cannot advocate as your attorney can.

Fiduciary Income Tax, Estate Tax, and Individual Income Tax Preparation:

Guidance for your tax needs and strategies to save you taxes.