Lincoln Review of Champions

42nd Annual ROC

November 17, 2018

Both of the NCBA Fall Championships have been fully cancelled (all events both indoor and out). This decision was not made lightly and both events and the NCBA board were involved in this decision. The air quality in both of our locations has made this decision for us and although we were optimistic earlier in the week, we both had to make the decision today to pull the plug. In the end, we had to look at the situation as a whole and ask ourselves if it was worth it to put our children in any level of danger and the answer is no. It would only take one child having an asthma attack for us to all regret any other decision. This decision is consistent with what other organizations have decided to do like the CIF Football Playoffs but, unfortunately, although they are able to reschedule it is not possible for us to reschedule either event due to street closure permits and the holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes for you or your students and wish you happy holidays. We will see you for winter activities!

Event Current 2017 Max Open

Parade 26 29 40 14

Field 24 24 24 0

Concert 18 21 24 6

Jazz 14 20 24 10

Total 82 94 112 30