Lincoln Review of Champions

44th Annual ROC

November 20, 2021


Audiences WILL be permitted in the Concert and Jazz venues. All spectators and performers of indoor events MUST wear a face mask (instrumentalists must also use bell covers indoors). Face Masks will be strictly enforced and anyone that does not comply will be asked to leave. Additionally, we ask that spectators be limited to friends and family of the performing school only to limit the number of people in the venue at any given time. One last piece, we usually encourage schools with multiple concert and jazz groups to have their other groups watch performances but we ask that we avoid this due to COVID this year.


Grand Sweepstakes will be awarded to the school with the highest combined three scores across Parade, Concert, Jazz and/or Field Show. When a school is participating in more than 3 events, their highest three scores will be used to calculate the combined score. The Grand Sweepstakes trophy will be awarded during the Field Show awards. Should a band already have left the event, the trophy will be shipped or delivered.

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