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2020-2021 Little Saints Preschool Summary

UPDATE 9/1/2020

The Lil Saints is currently in the process of trying to collaborate on creating a virtual learning program for the Lil Saints Preschool program. However, we are in the process of preparing students to work with the children, so we are looking at approximately one month before we are actually are up and running. Please be patient with us, as this is a new learning environment, and we have never before prepared a virtual classroom.

If you are interested in this program, when it is available, please complete the emergency card section of this website. We will take up to twenty 3.5-5 year old children. First priority is given to last year's preschool children who are returners, second is to staff children, third is to children four years and older, and lastly the children ages 3.5 and above. We are limiting our enrollment to twenty in case we have the option to open up on campus this school year.

Mission statement

The Lil Saints Laboratory program provides a quality educational program for children and for high school students who are pursuing a career in the field of Early Childhood Education. We provide a culturally rich, child-oriented environment where the cognitive, social/ emotional, physical, and health & safety of all children are valued and protected. The student teachers at the lab work to develop a trusting and supportive relationship with children and families. We believe that by working together, we can make a positive difference in the care and education of young children.

About Lil Saints

The Lil Saints preschool is a laboratory preschool, led by high school students, under the direction of Ms. Gonzalez. We are located at Adelanto High School. The preschool children are under instruction from our student teachers, the high school students. Adelanto High School and VVUHSD CTE sponsors the Preschool as a learning experience class for the students enrolled in the Child Development CTE Pathway. Students in this class are interested in pursuing a career in working with young children. Students are educated on child development stages, and education early childhood curriculum before they enter the classroom. All high school students also have a current tb test in order to work with the young children.


We follow a variety of options when using curriculum, we include all domains of development in our lesson planning, physical, intellectual, and social emotional. We have a theme of the week, that also includes a letter(zoophonics), number, and shape of the week. We pride ourselves on operating a school readiness program, our goal is to help parents prepare their child for their next level of education. We understand the importance of valuing the whole child, therefore there are a variety of experiences provided daily that children choose from. One of our main goals for this experience is that we will help your child develop a lifelong desire to learn.