Unique Gift Ideas

Birthdays, special occasions and even festive seasons can all be a thorn in the sides of those who struggle with what to buy. With new tech and a range of products on offer at any given time, buying the right gift can be complicated to say the least. So, what about unique gift ideas – can these really make a difference to the smile on your loved ones’ faces?

Gift hampers

Growing in popularity in recent years, these types of gifts are often the perfect solution for those hard-to-buy-for recipients. Offered in a range of styles and to suit a whole host of gift givers and receivers, there really is something for everyone – and for every event.

Birthday hampers

These come in all shapes and sizes; for boys, girls, women and men of any age. They can be colour coded, printed and packed with balloons and other synonymous imagery to really emanate a birthday celebration. As they can come pre-packed or filled by the buyer (often from an online menu) they can cater to specific needs; from toys to cake, or even alcohol.

Festive gift baskets

There are a range of festive holidays and these types of gift baskets will suit the occasion perfectly. Christmas hampers can be tailored to offer a cheese board and egg nog, whereas Easter baskets can overflow with chocolates, chicks and bunnies.

New baby hampers

Often hand-crafted to suit the needs of a baby, as well as those of the new parents, you will be likely to find clothing, diapers and sometimes even snacks for the adults to enjoy in their quiet time. You don’t need to worry about the usual pinks and blues either – these can be created in neutral colours if you are hoping to buy before the sex of the baby has been announced.