Gourmet Gift Hampers

Everyone loves receiving gifts, this is a universal truth. And what they love even more, is receiving several gifts packaged together to make a delightful hamper. Gourmet gift hampers are an excellent gifting idea and are ideal for any occasion. So, whether it is for a birthday, an anniversary, for a promotion or for Christmas, gourmet gift hampers are a wonderful option. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect hamper.

Choosing the Perfect Gourmet Gift Hamper

Whether you are searching for corporate gifts or for personal ones, you can never go wrong with gourmet gift hampers. It is important that you choose a good theme for the hamper. While excellent wine and high end chocolates are a popular choice when it comes to such hampers, you could also opt for something a little more eclectic. Your hampers could have a range of products that celebrate the season. For instance as winter sets in you could choose gourmet gift hampers that feature products such as mulled wine, chocolate, cookies, fruit preserve, nuts and quality hot chocolate.

Some companies like to opt for gifts hampers that reflect their business, and also spell luxury and pampering. For instance if a business sells stationery it may send out gourmet gift hampers that feature cookies and cakes shaped as pens or pencils along with champagne and chocolates.

If you are buying a gift basket for a loved one then it would nice to choose products that you know they enjoy. And so, it would be wise to consider the receiver's interests while you choose the type of gourmet products you wish to have placed in your gift basket. For instance if you know the receiver steers clear of chocolates and alcohol, you could instead opt for an exotic fruit basket. Or, if you are considering a gift hamper for a coffee aficionado, then the gourmet gift hampers you consider for them should include different blends of coffee, chocolates, and perhaps a customised coffee mug and a French press. If the gift is for a teenager, then you would do well with some popular savory snacks, chocolates and beverages.

How to Make Your Own Gourmet Gift Hampers

There are many online stores that offer gourmet gift hampers. And you can peruse through some stores so that you have a clear understanding of the kind of products that are on sale and the relevant costs. Some suppliers also give customers the option of building their own hamper from a wide and varied list of products on offer. This way you can choose the wine, the chocolates, baked products, cheese, and plenty of other products. Retailers also offer a range of packaging based on the number and type of products that will be placed in the basket or hamper. Creating your own hamper and selecting the products that will be placed within it allows you to create a gift that is acceptable to your budget, and meets your requirements. This is an option that many businesses, big and small, like to explore.

If you want to make individual gourmet gift hampers for your loved ones, you can also consider shopping at an online store. However, if your budget is fixed and you want to place different products in the gourmet gift hampers that you gift your family and friends, you can hand pick the products, the baskets, and packaging material and have it delivered home.

To create your own gourmet gift hampers, line the hamper or basket with tissue, then carefully place the selected products. You may want to buy a few sets of small hand towels, so that they can occupy any empty spaces between the products. You could also use ribbon to hold things in place. Once you have put the largest products such as the bottle of wine, package of chocolate or cheese, add the smaller sized products. You could also add a small journal, a scented candle, or a personalized mug. Finally, cover the hamper with see through cellophane paper and add a beautiful bow.