Lidstrom Lab for C1 Metabolism

About Us

The Lidstrom laboratory is located in the Departments of Microbiology and Chemical Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA.

Research in Dr. Lidstrom's laboratory is focused on molecular and metabolic manipulations of methylotrophic bacteria, which are capable of growth on methane, methanol, and methylated amines. Systems-wide and synthetic biology approaches are applied to metabolic networks to gain basic understanding and lay the groundwork for systems-based metabolic engineering. The long-term goal of this research is to develop environmentally sound and economically viable alternatives to current chemical production and cleanup strategies. A second focus of the laboratory is to develop bioreactor-based systems using methane-utilizing bacteria (methanotrophs) to slow climate change by removing methane from the atmosphere at scale.

Recent News


  • Vrishab presents his work at the UW Computational Molecular Biology Annual Symposium.

  • Mia Grayson is joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher!


  • Naomi has won a Mary Gates Fellowship and a Smith scholarship.

  • Joseph has accepted an Assistant Professor position at California State University-Long Beach in the Biological Sciences Department! He will begin in January 2023.

  • Lian starts his new position as Acting Instructor.

  • Vrishab receives a Washington Research Foundation Fellowship!

  • Mary officially moves to Emeritus status as of September 1

  • Two new NSF projects start: “Construction of a bacterium with optimized methane consumption at 10ppm for climate change mitigation” and “Direct methane capture in air by aerobic methanotrophs.”

  • Vrishab receives a Mary Gates Research Scholarship.

  • Erin receives a Scan Design Foundation Fellowship to support her research collaboration in Denmark.

  • Naomi Kern joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.


  • Erin passes her General Exam.

  • Jue's paper about a novel formate reduction pathway gets accepted to Oxford University Press.

  • Erin's proposal is accepted to the ICML Workshop: Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning (Proposal and Recording).

  • Joseph and Mary publish a Chapter about methanotroph lanthanide metal uptake in Methods in Enzymology.

  • Evan Ross joins the lab as a undergraduate researcher.

  • Erin, Joseph, and Claire's paper on developing a computational framework for promoter identification from RNA-seq data is published in ACS Synthetic Biology (Article)

  • Congrats to Claire on her post-graduation job as a Research Technician in the Parkhurst lab at Fred Hutch!


  • Vrishab Sathish Kumar joins the lab as an undergraduate researcher.

  • Lian and Joseph's paper on the essentiality of the ED pathway in M. buryatense 5GB1C is published in Applied Environmental Microbiology (PubMed)

  • Mary is an author on a recent paper on "Moving academic research forward during COVID-19" published in Science (PubMed)

  • Mary is an author on a recent paper on "The Role of Synthetic Biology in Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Reduction: Prospects and Challenges" published in BioDesign Research (Article).

  • Letícia Cardoso joins the lab as a visiting graduate student from the University of Saõ Paulo.

  • Mary speaks on a panel about "Balancing science with concerns about national security" at the AAAS meeting in Seattle.


  • Mary presents at the Boston University Workshop on Synthetic Biology for Climate Change, “Synthetic Biology for Methane Mitigation.”

  • Lian’s paper on 5GB1 methane and methanol metabolism is published in mSystems. (PubMed)

  • Erin presents at the University of Michigan Data Science Symposium, “Using microorganisms to solve macro-problems: untangling the genetic circuitry of methane-eating bacteria.”

  • Jue and Liz welcome new baby Marcus!

  • Erin passes her Quals Evaluation.

  • Jin Wang joins the lab as a visiting scholar.

  • Congrats to Mitch on his new job at Adaptive Biotechnologies!

  • Joseph’s paper on the TonB-dependent receptor in the 5GB1c lanthanide metal switch is published in the Journal of Bacteriology. (PubMed)

  • Congrats Jing and Zheng on their new positions at Central South University in China!

  • Yanfen’s paper on 5GB1’s core metabolism shift is published in mBio. (PubMed)

  • Erin receives an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

  • Jue visits the Tawfik lab at the Weizmann Institute.

  • Aaron’ paper on interspecies chemical signalling is published in Applied Environmental Microbiology. (PubMed)

  • Mitch and Katie welcome new baby Carter!

  • Erin Wilson joins the lab as a graduate student.


  • Congrats to Aaron on his new position at the University of Utah!

  • Jue Wang joins the lab with a postdoctoral fellowship from the WRF.

  • Aaron’s paper on tundrenone is published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. (PubMed)


  • Joseph Groom joins the lab as a post-doc.