Safety Program Store

Program Goal

The goal of our employee safety incentive program is to remind employees of the importance of working safely and to reward their success.

Program Description

The program starts on April 1st, ends on November 30 and includes all employees that work at the resort. Points will accrue in the payroll system for each 2 week pay period and will be shown on the pay stub. Any injury or non-compliance with safety policy will disqualify all employees for the current 2 week pay period. The program requires regular participation in safety training.


This program is intended to be an incentive for active employees only. All points accrued will terminate with any change from active status. This program is subject to changes on an annual basis, and the required points for prizes may vary slightly at the time of redemption.

How To Earn Points

Each pay period were there where zero injuries employees will earn points. Points are based on hours worked and whether the department you work in is considered a high, medium, or low-risk department. At the bottom of this page is a listing of each department and their risk factor as well as an example of points earned per hour worked.

Redeeming an Item

Once you have accrued points and want to redeem an item please click here to download the item request form and then submit your form to Candace in Admin.

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