Employees Of The Week

Congratulations to our Employee Of the Week Winners! 2/18/19-2/24/19

James Reilley- Snow Tubing

This past Saturday afternoon was a pretty busy day at tubing. James was working at the bottom of the hill when he noticed a little girl coming down lane 2. He walked over to help her out of her tube when he noticed that her father had left from the top of the hill before he was given permission to go (a jumper). Without missing a beat, James calmly picked her and her tube up and stepped up and over the berm just in time before the father would have crashed into her. His actions saved the young girl from possibly some serious injuries. James has been with us at Boulder for several years and is a role model for our other employees. He always has a very calm demeanor about him and can be counted on to help wherever and whenever he is needed.

Jim Bloom- Mountain Ops, Snowmaker & Lift Operator

Jim has long been a fixture at Liberty, anchoring the backside lifts and collecting countless comments from guest surveys along the way. This year he joined the night snowmaking crew when they were very light and looking for help from anywhere at the beginning of the season. In addition to working seven 12 hour shifts at night for snowmaking, Jim has continued working for lifts three days a week - putting in 3 more 12 hour shifts! His dedication alone over the years has certainly been worthy of a shout out. Coupled with his stellar Lift Operator performance and superb guest interaction, Jim is no doubt deserving of some recognition!

Other Nominees from this week...

Tiffany Adams - F&B - McKee's Assistant Manager

I just wanted to take a moment to hand out some high praise to Tiffany Adams. She is doing an AMAZING job over at McKee's and is really staying on top of things. The servers have all been corrected and are now doing everything correctly (and she stays on top of them); if she has any question or concerns, she reaches out to the cash office immediately for assistance instead of doing the deadly assuming. Additionally, when MOD, I am always at peace with McKee's on those nights as she is so on top of things from taking care of the guests to the food to cutting staff and closing to save money as needed. She is truly one of the unsung heroes around here.

All Parking Staff

I want to take a quick moment to say what an excellent job ALL of our parking staff does ... especially on these busy weekends. They always display excellent customer service, are kind, cheerful and helpful. They are especially helpful during wedding tours which can be a bit chaotic during our non-wedding times. All of the parking attendants are greatly appreciated!!!

Owen Myers - Courtesy-Ski Check

Owen is a 17 year old in his 3rd season with Courtesy. He is super responsible and excellent with the guests. I have stood in the shadows and watched him help time after time with guest questions, directions and problems over and over. At rehire orientation this year he took the led at his table of peers and answered the questions asked. Recently, we have had quite a few staff call off and he has had to take up their slack. I asked his opinion on my scheduling template to see if he thought it was causing to many gaps in coverage when this happens. He quickly sent me his ideal version. Although it mirrored most of what I already do he had some good points which I will institute. Below is his text response: "This is a schedule I put together. The system works so that a person comes in thirty minutes earlier from when another person gets off. I feel like this could ensure that people will show up and help out efficiently."

Congratulations to our Employee Of the Week Winners! 2/11/19-2/17/19

Jeremy McKnight

Jeremy had started out as a lift mechanic for Liberty and quickly transitioned to the role of resort electrician. Jeremy has worn many hats and filled many roles in his time here. The weekend of 2/2, that Saturday Strata Quad went down with an electrical, issue he stayed until 8/9pm Strata quad was operational once again. He was called in first thing the next morning to assist with another lift issue and helped get it back running before opening. He also helped with rentals and anywhere else he could during that busy period. He helps out whenever and wherever he is needed with enthusiasm and eagerness. His response to the gratitude for his assistance is always, “just doing my job”. You can tell he enjoys his job and helps any and every way he can. He has been a great asset, not only to Mountain Operations, but Facilities and any other department that needs help.

Kellie Kuykendall

Kellie has worked here for 5 seasons, and in that time, she has always been a great employee. She has quite a long college break and wants to work every day of it! I always know that when I leave “the shop” in her hands, all will run smoothly. She is kind and respectful to guests and co-workers alike and is gentle and comforting to children.

This season she has been moved in to a supervisory role and has seamlessly moved from working side-by-side with her co-workers to gently guiding when needed and praising when appropriate.

She truly cares as much about this department’s success as I do, I am very proud to have her on my team!

Congratulations to our Employee Of the Week Winners! 2/4/19-2/10/19

Deanna Simonsen - F&B - Hostess Extraordinaire

This is Deanna's second season with us, I believe. She surpasses expectations on the daily. She is in charge of the salad bar on days she works and does a magical job. She is meticulous in any task she performs in Alpine Market. She is savvy, thorough, and works harder than most I have seen over the years. She takes the time to speak to guests yet keeps the floor looking exemplary. She just gets it. Better and better as she works. We never have to be concerned in the shape of the Market when she is on. She deserves this.

Jonah McDevitt - Snowboard Instructor

A handwritten letter was given to the Ski School desk, here is what it said: I took a lesson with Jonah and I have taken lots of lessons at different resorts as well as 2 here last year. Jonah is an amazing instructor, patient, kind attentive and awesome. He did not rush his lesson and showed that he really cared about both the sport and customer. Bottomline, please keep instructors like this. He is definitely an asset to Wintersports and Liberty.

Other Nominees from this week...

Kari Plank - Back of House - Highland Restaurants

Kari is always pleasant, always cheerful and helpful, seems to get along really well with her teammates, and rises to the occasion, always coming up with new items for breakfast, muffins and such!

Congratulations to our Employee Of the Week Winners! 1/24/19-2/3/19

Ethan Yocum - Lift Operations

I’d like to nominate Ethan of Lift Operations for the Zone Shout Out award. On Sunday, 1/20 (MLK weekend) Ethan was working the Eastwind chair on the backside. A group of 4 skiers (2 adults and 2 children) were waiting at the stop line. When it was time, all parties attempted to slide up to the load line however; the children crossed their skis and one ended up falling. Ethan immediately shouted to the other lift operator to stop the chair (which they did) however the weight and speed of the chair caused it to continue around the bullwheel.

When Ethan saw that the child was going to be struck by the chair he risked major bodily harm to leap onto the loading area and he physically stopped the (very heavy) chair which was still moving quite fast. Ethan’s quick thinking/reaction, communication, and strength allowed him to stop the chair a mere inch from the fallen child’s head.

Ethan was alert an attentive: 2 fantastic attributes in a lift operator. He also displayed selflessness putting him above and beyond the expectations I would have for this role. I am confident that were it not for Ethan’s actions, the child would have suffered significant head injuries: even with his helmet.

Carla Longenecker - Guest Services

Carla is a very dedicated and detailed staff member who has found 2 instances of products set up incorrectly that would have cost our company money. The first was the 3 Pack of lift ticket cards. She figured out that they were actually adding uses instead of deleting which could have been a complete nightmare. The second was the Friday we reopened and offered the Learn to for $55. It as ringing up as $49. If she had not paid attention, she would have assumed and we would have lost $6 a guest. Additionally, she was one of the key staff Guest Services staff members on New Year's Eve when we faced rain, thunder, lift shutdown and other chaos. In all of this she is always a great staff and team member. Lastly, she was also singled out in a survey this week.

Other Nominees from this week...

Erik Andres - Lift Maintenance

While checking out a maintenance issue at the Dipsy Carpet on MLK Sunday with Erik, I witnessed him springing into action to aid a couple of guests. A young child lost their snowboard while strapping in after disembarking from the carpet. Without hesitation, Erik leapt from the carpet deck and raced down the icy snowpack, making a sliding catch of the fast accelerating snowboard. Mom was very elated with Erik’s effort! Great job from Erik, but Brad might need to start doing minor reports, because I think Erik might actually be 12!