Lewisham East

For Europe (LEFE), part of Bromley and Lewisham United for Europe (BLUE), and South East London for Europe (SELFE)

Lewisham East's working web-site for our members.

To be read in tandem with the Pro-European London Toolbox (PELT)  (contact lonpro.eurnet at gmail)

See also the Lewisham East pages on UKPEN.eu here: https://sites.google.com/view/london-pro-european-network/south-east/lb-lewisham/lewisham-east 

Replacing our first website here (homepage here:) which still archives meeting notes and newsletters (contact leweast4europe at gmail)

Actions: Oh What  A March! Some photos 

Resources: online resources.

Documents: LEFE, EM and BfE founding documents and news.