Rome, Italy!

Today's episode kicks off our three episode series on Italy. No interviews unfortunately, but we are sharing some of our favorite sights and eats from our Italy trip in March, as well as how to avoid crazy long ticket lines at some of the most popular spots (because they WILL happen).

TLDR; eat as much gelato as possible.

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Rick Steves' Rome audio tours

  • "Heart of Rome" hits a lot of the big sights (Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Pantheon)
  • Colosseum and Forum tours were great too!

Colosseum/The Forum/Palatine Hill tickets - All one ticket. But tickets on location BUT GO EARLY. Buy at the Forum if the line at the Colosseum is crazy.

St. Peter's Basilica tickets - buy tickets on location BUT GO EARLY

How to book a Scavi (underground) Vatican tour:

Email with...

  • The exact number of participants
  • The name of each participantYour preferred language
  • All possible dates you are available
  • Provide an email address for the main contact

How to get tickets to the Pope's Wednesday or Sunday address

Borghese Gallery - buy tickets on location

San Clemente Basilica - buy tickets on location

Largo di Torre Argentina - cats! and free!


Ristorante Alessio - felt VERY local, and GREAT food

Bonci Pizzarium - pizza by the slice up by the Vatican


Tickets for the Leonardo Express (bullet train from the Leonardo Da Vinci airport) - Purchase on location. Runs every 30 minutes.

Terravision bus tickets - it's cheap, but use at your own risk -- we couldn't find the pick up spot!

Metro map of Rome


SPQR by Mary Beard

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling by Ross King


Ancient Roman drinking fountain at the Vatican! Totally safe to drink even today!