ENGN.2060 Strength of Materials

  • Required sophomore-level course for both Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering students.

  • The course covers: Stress and deformation analysis of bodies subjected to uniaxial loading, thermal strain, torsion of circular cross-sections, shear flow in thin-walled sections, bending of beams, and combined loading. Application of equilibrium, compatibility and load-deformation relations to solve statically determinate and indeterminate systems.

  • Prerequisites: ENGN.2050 Statics and MATH.1320 Calculus II.

MECH.5910 Mechanical Behavior of Materials

  • Core graduate course in Mechanics & Materials Concentration for Master and Ph.D. programs in Mechanical Engineering.

  • The course covers: Quantification of structure-property relationships requires application of solid mechanics concepts to materials microstructure. Using micromechanics approach, the course focuses on the deformation and fracture behavior of metals, ceramics, composites and polymerics. Topics include: elastic behavior, dislocations, crystal plasticity, strengthening mechanisms, composite materials, glassy materials, creep and creep fracture, tensile fracture, and fatigue.