Advanced Manufacturing Processes Sample Projects

Machined surface temperature sensor for data-based hard turning tooling management

The tool-foil thermocouple forms a thermometric junction between the cutting tool and embedded metal foil. As the first technology to provide real-time on-site measurements of the machined surface temperature in hard turning without inverse heat transfer modelling, it scanned the steady-state machined surface temperature at multiple segments, enabling correlation between cutting conditions, tool wear, and machined surface temperature for better product quality and data-based tooling management decisions.

Experimental setup

Tool-foil concept

Tool-foil thermocouple calibration

Cylindricity error analysis to move beyond trial and error and reduce ramp-up time

To identify error sources for cylindricity in finish cylinder boring process, data from multiple sources (design, process, and inspection) needed to be unified and analyzed. This study established a comprehensive cylindricity error prediction and data processing methodology in finish cylinder boring with pioneering inclusion of spindle error data as a dominant factor. Such methodology is implemented at Ford for shortening the ramp-up time of modified engine block designs.

Finish boring experimental setup

CMM scan result

Error Sources Analyzed:

Thermal expansion

Cutting force

Clamping force

Spindle error

Data Unification and Error Source Identification:

Harmonic analysis of CMM data

Cylindricity error source identification result

Thermal modelling of friction stir extrusion process

Friction stir extrusion process could extrude lightweight metallic tubing that enhances mechanical and metallurgical properties with respect to traditionally extruded tubular products, critical for lightweight material structures like automotive frames and marine hear exchanger tubes. In a collaborative project led by Lockheed Martin under Manufacturing USA Institute LIFT, pioneering work on experimental temperature monitoring and finite element thermal modelling of the newly developed friction stir extrusion process were conducted.