LegalAIIA Workshop Call for Papers:

Participation is invited on all topics relevant to these research themes, including but not limited to:

  • Comparative studies examining the effectiveness of AI-enabled systems, tools and approaches versus non-AI-supported versions of the same

  • Evaluation studies of actual legal systems and practitioner tools which are enabled by AI functionality

  • Comparative studies examining the relative merits of incorporating human input into AI- driven systems via intentional direction vs. passive feedback

  • Evaluations of various modes of human-generated relevance feedback – e.g., simple labeling vs more granular feedback

  • Novel interaction techniques for legal technology systems

  • User studies relevant to legal professionals and tasks (ethnography studies)[1]

  • Context-aware AI, including user-specifiable context

  • Human-AI Collaboration (machine-directed and human-directed)

  • Algorithmic Transparency and User Proprioception[2]

  • An examination of the role of explainability or interpretability in AI-supported systems

  • Human influence on the Technology Assisted Discovery & Review process

This workshop is an outgrowth of the popular and successful decade-long DESI (Discovery for Electronically Stored Information) series of workshops ( While we welcome contributions on AI and IA across the entire spectrum of legal informatics, we also welcome more traditional DESI-related submissions as well.

[1] In the context of the workshop, an ethnographic study refers to a qualitative method where researchers immerse themselves in the environment or operational conditions they are studying.

[2] Proprioception refers to the perception or awareness of the position and movement of one's own body, in this case, in the context of a user’s awareness of how that user's interactions with a computer system affect the system.

N.B.: At least one author of each accepted paper is required to register for the workshop (as per rules of the conference) and present at the workshop.