Legal Outsourcing FAQ's

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LEGAL OUTSOURCING Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

What kind of Legal Support do we provide?

We provide Legal support to law firm, companies and corporate legal departments in the USA in a variety of areas, including contract drafting, trademark filings, contract management, .

What are the Advantages of Legal Support?

Some of the empirical advantages that have surfaced out of the practice of legal outsourcing are:

  • Cost Savings: Legal Support provides a lot of cost saving as attorneys specialize in their respective area and you do not have to hire full time lawyers.

  • Efficiency: Streamlined works has been proved to more efficient.

  • Quality: We have a large talent pool of attorneys who do quality work in various areas of law.

Does legal outsourcing mean a compromise in quality?

No. Because the legal process outsourcing work performed by Legal Support Global is supervised by Harvard Law School trained attorneys who understand the American legal system.

Can your law firm or company live without Legal Outsourcing?

You better answer this question for yourself. You have to see, if everyone else is using legal outsourcing, can you afford to be expensive than the rest.

What are the Special Advantages of using "Legal Support Global Group"?

There are many advantages of using "Legal Support Global Group," including the following:

  • We have lawyers on our staff who are trained in various areas of law and we do not compromise on quality.

  • We take care of concerns like confidentiality and the conflict of interest rules.

  • We know the challenges and have a system and set-up to surmount them.

What kind of cost savings can I expect by legal outsourcing to us?

By outsourcing legal work us, one can save costs up to 60 per cent or more.

What is Our Motto & Goal?

Our Motto and Goal is to provide the best service at the best possible cost without compromising on quality & confidentiality.

What kind of Legal Outsourcing Services do we provide?

We provide Legal to the attorneys, law firms, companies/corporations all over the United States of America.