Corporate Law Outsourcing

Corporate Law

Legal Support Global is a leading provider of legal outsourcing services. Our US based lawyers are skilled in corporate law and business law work. Your business or law firm can take advantage of our cost-effective, reliable and efficient services.

We provide legal outsourcing for corporate and business laws including, but not limiting to the following services:

  • Preparing corporate documents like Shareholders' Agreement, Bylaws, and company handbook & policy

  • Operating Agreement of a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

  • Articles of Organization of a Corporation

  • Board Resolutions of a Company, Corporation or LLC

  • Corporate Filings and Legal Compliance

  • Forming Subsidiaries and Managing Annual filings

  • Drafting Company Handbook and Policies

  • Corporate Legal Compliance

  • Developing the organization's policies on industry-specific issues, corporate governance or regulatory affairs

  • Preparing and reviewing company contracts, requests for proposals and other legal documents

  • Drafting contractual agreements, such as Partnership Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, real estate leases, and other business agreements

  • Drafting Business Contracts, Joint Ventures and other Legal Documents

  • Contract administration

  • Advising on employment matters

Business Law

  • Joint Venture Agreement

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Consulting Agreement

  • Employment Agreement

  • Business Sales Agreement

  • Franchise Agreement

  • Bill of Sale

  • Power of Attorney

  • Non-Compete Agreement

Trademark Law

Our Lawyers are proficient in intellectual property laws in including the following:

  • Trademark filings

  • Trademark management

  • Copyright filings

  • Copyright management