Lechowitz, Ukraine

Lechowitz Descendants

Bilohirya, Ukraine (current name)

"Lechovitz" or "Lechevitz" (Yiddish)

"Lechowitz", "Lyakhovtsy", "Liachovitz", "Lachowce", "Lechowicz," "Lakhovits," "Lakhovtsy", "Belogor'ye" (Russian) "Bilohir'ya" or "Bilohiria" (Ukrainian)

Lat: 50° 00', Long: 26° 25'

This web page

The purpose of this web page is to provide information for people interested in Jewish heritage from the town of Lechowitz. I also hope that descendants may recognize a name or a face and help add to the scant information for this town.

*Note About the Town Name*

Researchers of Lechowitz have significant challenges related to the town name. Jewish residents knew the town as "Lechowitz" or "Lechevitz," but there were other towns with the same or similar names. The larger town of Lechovich (Lyakovichi) in the Belarus is where most researchers find themselves. In fact, the surname database in the Belarus town contains at least some names of people who were from the Ukraine Lechowitz. Further complicating the matter, our Ukrainian Lechowitz was re-named to "Belogorye" by the Soviet government after World War II to make the town name sound more Russian and less Polish. The name "Belogorye" was a variation of the name "Belogorodke," a nearby town. The Ukrainian version of the town name is now Bilohiria. To add even further to the confusion, both the old version of the town's name (Lechowitz, Lechevitz, Lyakhovtsy, Lachowce....) and the new version (Bilohiria, Belogor'ye, Belogoria, Bilohiriya....) have multiple spelling variations. You may have to try every variation to find your results. This web page uses the names Bilohiria and Lechowitz, depending on context. As if this isn't complicated enough, consider the fact that our Bilohiria/Lechowitz was at one time part of Russia, then Poland, then the Soviet Union, then the Ukraine....


Bilohirya as shown on Mapquest (choose Khmelnytskyi Oblast)

Bilohirya as shown on Google maps


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