Life doesn't come with a manual. We write our own with experience and wisdom from lessons learned! --Learned Lessons

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Lesson Planning Course for Teachers

Are you overwhelmed by planning? Is your time limited? Do you need simple step-by-step processes for meeting the expectations of your students? I completely understand, I have felt the same way that you do and have spent years putting together simple step-by-step processes for planning. I know that these steps, tips, and reference pages will help make your job a bit less overwhelming. Let’s be honest, teachers are the hardest workers out there. These processes will just help you work smarter. 

Included in Course

Module 1: Know Your Standards

Module 2: Pacing Your Lesson

Module 3: Planning Engaging Lessons & Finding Materials

Module 4: Assessments & Remediation

Module 5: Walk-Throughs, Observations & Reflections

Module 6:Classroom Environment and Décor

Module 7: Organization and Time Savers