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Leading the Rounds: A Medical Leadership Podcast

Leadership development is overlooked in contemporary medical education, yet medical students and physicians find themselves in leadership roles from the beginning of their training. While other industries, such as the military and business, have formal leadership development courses, physicians are taught about the vast complexities of the human condition, but receive no formal leadership training. We want to meet this need and improve our leadership abilities as burgeoning physicians. We developed this podcast to challenge ourselves to explore ideas in leadership development and how they apply to medical training. We hope to educate and motivate others to further develop themselves as leaders in healthcare.

Our efforts will focus on three facets we believe are critical for our development as future medical leaders:

Leadership Development (The Main Course)

We hope to supplement our lacking medical education system with stimulating discussions on actionable steps to becoming a better leader. In our shows, we will learn from leaders around the world about what it takes to improve leadership skills. These discussions will not only draw from healthcare leaders, but also leaders in other professional fields.

Personal Development (Inside-Out Leadership)

“Who we are is how we lead” - Brene Brown
In order to be an effective leader we believe an individual must seek first to improve themselves such that they can lead by example. In this series, we will compile and discuss seminal works in personal development, literature we have personally found impactful, as well as recent publications that we feel have helped us as medical students.

Health Systems Literacy (Healthcare 101)

We will be working to learn more about the healthcare system from leaders within it, books, and our own endeavors. We will focus on growing our listeners basic understanding of the system of healthcare in the US, the changes that may occur in the coming years, and how this will impact our future as physicians.