Profile of a graduate

Our story

In June 2016, Louisa County Public Schools began to explore two questions: What are the skills necessary for success for all students to become positive and contributing global citizens? What does the Profile of a Graduate look like for our students?

For Louisa County Public Schools, the Profile of a Graduate looks beyond the recall of facts, memorization, and high-stakes testing. It equips students and staff with the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively, to think critically, to collaborate, to be creative, and to become positive and contributing global citizens.

Critical Thinking

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How we live out The 5 Cs

LCPS students will be effective communicators by:

  • Using precise oral and written language to share and gain ideas, knowledge, and processes

  • Using appropriate listening strategies when engaging with others

  • Employing the appropriate use of technology to explore and exchange ideas

LCPS students will be effective collaborators by:

LCPS students will be creative by:

  • Expressing curiosity

  • Using information in novel and purposeful ways

  • Using prior knowledge and resources to invent and innovate

  • Thinking without boundaries

LCPS students will be critical thinkers by:

  • Identifying the relevance and importance of information

  • Understanding the logical connections between ideas

  • Identifying, constructing, and evaluating arguments

  • Solving problems systematically

LCPS students will be global citizens by:

  • Acknowledging and respecting diversity

  • Participating in and contributing positively to one’s own community

  • Living a healthy lifestyle

  • Preserving resources

  • Following the rules and laws

  • Being accountable for one’s own actions