Author of Epic Science Fiction and Truly Disturbing Horror

“This is the real world. Happy endings, if they happen at all, are too often tainted and paid for with pain and sacrifice.”

The world is filled with hateful and selfish little lives. L.B.Speller does not shy away from the truth of that darkness and he embraces the stories others might be afraid to tell. He does not write heroes, he writes people - and people are, without exception, flawed creatures. His SF and Horror tales are nonetheless intelligently written, original and relevant.

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Science Fiction

“I lost three good friends when the low dimensional energy harvester went up,” the technician snarled, suddenly grabbing her wrists, pinning her hand to the table. “I watched them die, saw the terror in their eyes as their bodies were slowly filled with that damned low dimensional quasi-matter.”

Set in his unique and original Human Jurisdiction Universe, L.B.Speller’s science fiction novels explore a galaxy dominated by a vast human civilization which subjugates and exploits the Satumine, only other intelligent species they have found. The only force opposing mankind’s exponential growth is the artificial consciousness Consul - the resurgent one-time tyrant of Earth - and its legion of semi-sentient offspring. A more terrifying and unfathomable threat exist, however, just beneath the skin of reality, and when that terror is released the truth of the Satumine will be revealed.

His novels are epic in scope and size and will soon be expanded upon through interactive fiction apps and short story collections.

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L.B.Speller has also written a number of short stories not tied to his Human Jurisdiction Universe. Some of these stories have been made available to read for free on this website.

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In the corner sat three humans, strapped into something like dentist chairs, absurd grins and dead eyes turning their faces into something inhuman, the tops of their skulls missing. Behind them stood a many-armed creature which performed simultaneous surgery on all three exposed brains for the amusement of giggling demons and humans.

Dominic didn’t recall fleeing the café, but found himself outside again, vomiting more flies and a few worms against the wall. “I’m going home,” he yelled at Nicholas, spitting maggots.

Set in our own world, but charting the weeks, months and years after the Pit opens and demons come to Earth, L.B.Speller's Slow Hell Anthology tells the stories of normal people attempting to adapt while big businesses find a way to profit from their misery

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