Research Center for Language, Brain, and Cognition

About the LBC Research Center

At the Research Center for Language, Brain, and Cognition at Tohoku University, we aim to transcend the division of the humanities and natural sciences by uncovering deeper knowledge about language and cognition in the human brain.

To achieve this goal, our researchers who specialize in various fields such as linguistics, psychology, medicine, and information science come together to conduct research using cutting-edge technology, such as fMRI.

Originally conceptualized in 2002, the LBC Research Center grew and evolved during the five-year 21st century Center of Excellence Program in Humanities at Tohoku University. Our interdisciplinary center as you see today was established in April 2007.

The LBC Research Center is led by linguists at the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies in collaboration with researchers at the Graduate School of Information Science, the Institute of Development, Aging, and Cancer, and the Graduate School of Arts and Letters. (To learn more about our Language Sciences program offered in English at the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies, click here.)

To ensure our research is widely available, we regularly hold colloquiums where our researchers present their results to the public. We also host talks and workshops by researchers conducting pioneering research in related fields in other parts of Japan and all over the world. (To learn more about our upcoming events, click here.)

東北大学 言語脳認知総合科学研究センターは、人文学と自然科学の垣根を越え、ヒトの脳内の言語と認知をより深く理解することを目指しています。





News & Upcoming Events

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2022.3.14 Special Lecture by Dr. Naho Orita

Title: Revisiting Japanese children's knowledge of the locality of zibun

Monday, March 14, 2022

13:30-15:00 Japan Standard Time

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2022.2.5 Special Lecture by Professor Keith Tong

Title: "All's forgiven": Re-thinking TESOL Methodologies in Higher Education in Asia

Saturday, February 5, 2022

15:00-16:30 Japan Standard Time

Zoom Live

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2022.1.31 Special Lecture by Professor Andrea Révész

Title: Investigating task-based processes: The case of writing

Monday, January 31, 2022

17:00-18:30 Japan Standard Time

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2022.1.26 パッチャラポーン・ケーオキッサダン先生による公開公演

タイトル:オンラインアプリを利用した会話活動による日本語の「聞く」「話す」能力の向上 ータイ人日本語学習者のコミュニケーション・ストラテジー


15:00-16:30 日本時間

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