I want to sell

Sellers arrive from 8.00am onwards. You will be allowed entry onto the pitch to start setting up your stall. The buyers will not be allowed entrance to the selling pitches until approximately 10.00am. Please note that you will not be able to sell before this time.

Saturday and Sunday

Please Note: As of April 2016 our pitch prices have increased.

Car- £12

Van- £18

Large Van- £20

Lorry - £25

Horse Box - £25


Please have your pitch money ready to pay at the entrance. No food or drinks, pirate or fake goods to be sold. Thankyou

Our bootsales are monitored by Trading Standards and Essex Police

so we strongly advice that no stolen or fake goods are sold on site they

will be confiscated by the police. You will also be asked to leave the field

should any of our staff find that illegal items are being sold.

Please be aware!


Toilets and refreshments are available on site.

Remember to bring tables with you, as we do not have them available for hire. Clothes rails are available to hire on the day- subject to availability and charges apply. We ask that you take all your rubbish and unwanted items away when you leave. Please help to keep our fields and environment clean, safe and beautiful.

Top Tips:

Its a good idea to have a supply of carrier bags, plenty of small change and remember to keep your valuables close to you. Check all notes handed to you, as the Government are not the only ones printing money! In the hot weather it is advisable to have sun protection and drink plenty of fluids.